Is there a high quality version of the RedRapper MvC3 video?

This is the only version of it I can find.

It’ll be up tonight guys. Extended cut. The song was originally about 1:45.

Fuuuuuuuuck yes. I’m hyped. That video/song was amazing.

Awesome news. Great track once again.

Any chance of the Orc Battle Cry getting similar treatment? :p~

hahaha… man people remember that? =P We’ll see after I drop the album this month. Would’ve dropped it at EVO, but I had work to do on the theme and all.

redrapper, will the cut you post be the Radio Edit, or the Explicit Version?

Of course, I love that song haha. That would be awesome to even have a clean cut of it put up if you still have it around, for the OG fans. ;p

This made my shitty day like 800x better.

Literally finishing up the mix as we speak. Adjusting volume levels and all that. sorry for the wait!

Not a problem! I appreciate the heads up, and can’t for it to be uploaded!

So I’m rendering it now. I’ve been frustrated with this since yesterday kind of. I’ve wanted to up the volume on the mix, but I’m just having problems with it here and there. I finally kind of found a happy medium, but if it’s a little low, let me know and I’ll remix it tonight when I get a chance. But if you’d like, I’m throwing it up now. This is the extended cut, about 2 minutes long.

Youtube Video…(it’s just the song though…)

This is siiiiiiick! Thanks so much, it’s really amazing work! Do you perchance have the music video too?

Im pretty sure it’s still up on the front page of SRK.