Is there a Fight Stick that is pressure sensitive?

I plan to be rank 1 in PixelJunk sidescroller, but my V3 Hori Fight stick won’t register small movements, like the ps3 controllers joystick does.

If there any fight stick, for ANY price, that has this pressure sensitivity detection?
If any of you know of one, I need your help.

Sincerely, The quality assurance test, for Street Fighter 4.

What you are looking for is an analog joystick. Pretty sure every commercially made arcade stick uses digital joysticks. You will likely have to go custom or be content with playing it on a Dualshock…

Seimitsu makes an analog joystick, the LS-64 (it’s $80.)… you could probably take a Sixaxis or Dualshock 3 PCB, remove the existing analog sticks’ potentiometers, and hook up the LS-64’s potentiometers in their place. I would look for an electrical engineer and ask them for help with this, as I’m sure there’s a bunch of complications involving voltage and other stuff.

I’m interested to if someone can find one that is already put together for sale…

There isn’t you have to get one custom made

Ah, i see. Nobody will make an analog fight stick and just sell them. Nobody ever even considered having a diverse fighting stick that can do all ps3 games.

Looks like im going to college for electrical engineering and wood polishing after all.

Well uh, actually isn’t the entire SIXAXIS analog? No games really are pressure sensitive except a few, um, namely Metal Gear. Even the D-Pad is actually pressure sensitive. You wouldn’t need to remove the analog stick since the D-Pad would be capable of recognizing pressure sensitivity.

Although… is it done on a software level basis? Because if you play a game (like SF) using the D-Pad controls and SF only recognizes on or off for the D-Pad then it wouldn’t work, even though MGS would probably work.

Also, if someone actually does know how to wire up a joystick to the analog solder points, I’d seriously be interested.

I don’t think D-pads are pressure sensitive. PixelJunk sidescroller can only truly be played with the joystick, to make slight spaceship position adjustments.
At no point do I remember feeling safe or comfortable with the D-pad.

But this isnt about hooking up joysticks to the ps3 controller, its about giving an analog detection grid on a fight stick.

After all, what kind of game says “Insert coin”, but doesn’t allow for an arcade style stick.

What a shame those guys are.

This is what you want. Cross your fingers Paradise Arcade Joystick Project Magenta

Actually most Fighting games are designed around all digital controls. Even if you use a analog joystick, or thumb stick on a Dual Shock, you loose the advantage (if any) that an analog stick would have offered.

Only Fighting game that [EVER] took advantage of analog controls was Super Smash Bros Brawl for the Wii and only with a Game Cube controller, and that is not a true 360 degree control ether, it breaks down to approx 28 directions. Then again the game’s engine in Brawl never takes full use of these 28 different directions.

When I say no one makes an analog arcade stick, is because no one makes one by default, there no market for one. I am sure if you hire a stick builder he put in what ever you want in the stick. Electronic engineering isn’t required to go wire up analog controls, it isn’t that complicated. But No Fighting game ever took real advantage of analog, and more than likely never will.

Your right D-pads are not pressure sensitive, not even in the PS3 Dual Shock. D-pad is digital, meaning on and off. A d-pad like a digital joystick only have 4 signals. Diagonals are a combination of 2 near by signals (like Up and Right). Moonchilde is confusing the d-pad for the 4 face buttons on a PS3 stock controller.

What I would recommend over a Analog stick, is a joystick with a shorter throw and engage distance. For Shoot em Ups I recommend a Seimtsu LS-56 or LS 58

See theTech Talk Shoot’em Up (Pro)Gear - arcade parts for bullet dodging thread[URL=‘’]

PS2’s Dual Shock 2 d-pad was pressure sensitive, if I’m not mistaken, as well as the face buttons. But I don’t think anything other than Metal Gear Solid 2 really used those “properly”.
PS3’s SixAxis and Dual Shock 3 had digital d-pad and digital face buttons.

No actually they’re analog too. I’m not confusing them, I replayed the MGS series on my PS3 and the DS3 responds the same. During cutscenes in MGS3 you can zoom in or out using the D-Pad and it is indeed, pressure sensitive.

The dual shock 2 was designed around enhanced control for gran turismo 3, which is the reason for the analog buttons and dpad.

Gotcha. My bad, thanks for the info/correction.
I’ll be honest, my exposure to using DS2 and DS3 are minimal… I spent all of the PS2’s lifespan using my PS1 Analog Controller (the no-rumble pre-DualShock controller), and pretty much the only thing I use on my PS3 is an arcade stick…

Haha! I used to have one of those for my PC. I actually like the DS3 a lot, the only thing I wish is that the R2/L2 buttons were actually buttons and not triggers. The triggers wear out a lot faster and the old school buttons were so much better, I don’t know why they switched them. But as far as wireless and the build quality, they’re definitely a bit better.

I still wonder if we had a pressure sensitive joystick hooked up to the D-Pad, would it be like playing in analog, or if a game just accepts any D-Pad input as either on or off no matter what the pressure is. I’m going to guess that’s the case.

I would love to build a stick that has a stick wired so it could swap between left analog stick and D-Pad by the press of a button. Well, like lets say I want to play DMC with a stick, it’s default wired to left analog, and when I hold in a button it temporarily switches to D-Pad to swap weapons or styles or whatever. Then when the button is released, it goes back to analog. It would be useful for pretty much any fixed camera action game, and I think that would be bad ass.

I have the ps3 V3 fight stick. I’m thinking of modding it for STG games. If anyone could tell me what to buy I’ll probably buy it from Lizardlick.

Get an LS-58-01 from or; I hear from my shmup friends it’s the best stick outside of a modded Suzo-500.

^ You’re awesome
Thanx :slight_smile:

Is the analog / digital determining feature in the stick section, or does the entire fight stick controller have some sortve built-in hardware that makes it either digital or analog?

It would be a shame to add an analog stick, only to find out that the controller is digital, therefore be unable to process the data for smaller movements in shmups.

Both. The stick needs to be able to send the analog signals, and the controller itself needs to know what to do with it. Either one without the other wouldn’t get you the results that you want.

So if you wanted an analog arcade stick, you’d have to padhack a regular controller, and connect your mounted analog stick to the left (or right) analog stick signals on the controller PCB, with the assumption that the PCB would understand the signals coming from the stick unit.

Ah, I see. Well then, It seems like a gamble to try to mod the Hori V3, since it may or may not understand the signals.

Also, everything I search about padhacking ends up talking about pads instead of sticks. Are you able to padhack fight sticks to become analog compatible? (assuming I am 100% sure that the stick will understand the signals coming from the stick unit.)