Is there a 6-Button PS4 Controller featuring button remapping & binding?

For example, the the Hori Fighting Commander does have a 6-button layout but I can’t bind R1, Triangle, and Square together on one button with it. Does anyboy know of the existence of a controller with such functionality?

Also, if it does not exist, does anyone know if the PC has a controller which can do this? I’m looking into it for Street Fighter 5 because the in-game button mapping options do not accommodate my hands well for any controller, pressing button certain combinations is difficult and affects my performance.


Have you tried the PS4’s built in button remapping feature? Unsure if it has button binding in there.
You could always use legacy pads that have this feature and use them with a brooks adapter.
Brooks adapters in the non-tournament drivers have button remapping as well but, you’ld have to research if it enables button biding.

I didn’t know PS4 had built-in system options, I’ll take a look. Any specifics on these “legacy pads”, name or company? I’ll Google “Brooks adaptors,” too, thanks a ton!

I can’t find the PS4’s built-in system options. Any help on that, too, please? Thank you.