Is the "versus fightpad" controller good for street fighter?

Hey guys, i am poor and can’t really afford an arcade stick, so I’m stuck with using regular controllers to play fighting games. Ive tried just about every controller and like none of it, so now I look at this “versus fightpad” and see a lot of potential. But im not sure if its worth the buy. If any of you here have used this controller, can you please tell me if it is any good for street fighter 4? By good I mean is this a controller that does not play a big factor in causing you to lose games.

this is the controller i am talking about:

Save up and get a fightstick, its worth it. Just my opinion but there you go.

I went out and bought two of these controllers (one for xbox and the other for PS3) so that I can use them for tournaments. I had trouble hitting diagonals with my old Matcatz fightpads, so I decided to give this a try.

The controller is light, smooth and thin; it reminds me of the old 16-bit Sega/SNES controllers. The thumbpad has an octagonal gate, so you get great precision when you’re doing moves. It also has a small circumference, so you can perform half circles and long inputs in a shorter amount of time. That said, I had a little trouble adjusting to doing moves facing the left side of the screen, but I got used to it. The buttons are thin, convex and don’t stick out of the controller very much. They’re easy to press, and like the thumbpad, they will “click confirm” when you press them. They’re perfect for games where you mash moves because they’re designed to utilize the slide method and since they’re so thin, you can probably get a good amounts of inputs just by tapping one button. There’s really no need to smash your fingers into the controller because these buttons are real easy to press. I play Gen and Honda alot better on this pad then I do the madcatz pad. Only problem I had with the buttons was that I missed a couple FADC cancels but that’s because my big hands weren’t hitting all the inputs. It’s really better for people with smaller hands.

I recommend this controller to any pad player who has a little trouble with diagonals and long inputs. Once you get a feel for the controls, you can play pretty much any game with it and hit all your moves. It’s like an arcade stick in your hands.

You will get differing opinions on this pad.

Some people like the fact that the buttons and d-pad are “clicky” and therefore tactile.
Some have experienced that the switches in this stick die within a few weeks or months.

My advice is you should spring the extra $30 for a $80 madcatz WWE brawlstick. And if the buttons break spend the extra $25 later down the line on 6 Sanwa Buttons.

cool sounds good, but what would u say is your success rate at doing moves like hadoken. Also, how long have u had the controller and is it broken yet lol

Hadokens are easy. It’s the DP motions that you’ll have to get accustom to. Everything else won’t be so hard.

I’ve only had it for a couple of days, so I don’t know if those claims about breaking parts are legit. I think it really depends on how you use the controller.

there a better deal than that at gamestop 59.99

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@gamer415, I prefer the PDP pad over the cheap MC pads, f**k the reviews . Wish I still had my pad (no not tampons) cause my sticks are too noisy.

LOL - I had someone once comment that it sounded like I was playing with a wooden stick - I lolled at that

Then I managed to get my X360 TE for the PC and back to all good (had a PS3 one before but it didnt work on my new laptop) the TE sticks aren’t whisper quiet but they aren’t noisy for sure

Don’t bother with those. If you must use a pad, get this instead:

^^ Its cheaper, most likely better quality in the longrun, and many prefer it.

the PDP pad is pretty good, but sometimes the buttons will crap out early. I say just bare through it with the standard 360 pad till you can build up some revenue for a better pad or arcade stick.

I prefer using the MadCatz fightpad. It should be cheaper now ($20-$30) at Gamestop. If you’re on the PS3, the Hori Fighting Commander Pro 3 is on sale right now for $25 (via Amazon’s Lightning Deals).

Otherwise you should save up for a good joystick. The Hori V3/VX ($60-$70) is okay but hard to mod. Save up to get a MCZ TE stick ($120-$150) or the Hori VX-SA ($140) or the VX-SA Marvel Edition ($150).

Edit: The PDP Versus Controller is $19.99 @ Gamestop -

Honestly, I would pass on this pad.
My experience with it was a combination of great and terrible, with the terrible elements outweighing the great ones.