Is the Turbo function allowed in tournament?

Asking this question for someone and since its not on the rules ANYWHERE since I believe it common knowledge.

It’s up there somewhere. But the answer is no. Especially if you’re using balrog.

As in boxer or as is dictator?

Dictator…Hell No

Im pretty sure the answer is no.


Balrog = Dictator. In what region? It’s kind of hard to find this page, but its there

Haha, American Balrog= Japanese Bison…


Japan – USA

Balrog (Claw) – Vega (Claw)
M.Bison (Boxer) – Balrog (Boxer)
Vega (Dictator) – M.Bison (Dictator)


Alright. I feel the need to address the matter of me being a complete idiot in this thread.

I was tired, I wasn’t thinking, that is all…the Prems…they are laughing at meh >_<

Points at papa rhino and laughs :lol: You crack me up!

meanwhile, input shortcuts are still allowed