Is the Sanwa color-sensitivity rumor true?

I’ve heard it mentioned on a few threads, its always a random comment but never elaborated on. Does button color (say in the OBSF series) effect performance?

The rumor said that white buttons are more responsive. I suppose slight variation in paint could theoretically add resistance but it seems strange and unlikely. Can a vet plz comment on this strange rumor?

I don’t buy it.

Doesn’t even begin to make sense.

Yea its crazy. I was searching through Seimitsu vs Sanwa threads to see how the resistance of Seimitsu’s worked. Just thought I would check. Seimitsu vs sanwa buttons heres one of the ones where it was brought up by Tetsuosan. the thread is six years old but yea.

I honestly do not think it matters.

Yea, I can’t imagine a major button producer making an error like that. But because I am brand new to fighting game tech I wanted to make sure this wasn’t some strange thing.

How can it matter? Please, someone explain the science of why the color would matter? As I said before, this doesn’t begin to approach sanity on any level. The plastic is not painted, they are made of plastic of the particular color. The resistance and point of actuation are in the SW-68 switch and have literally nothing to do with the button, and hence the color of the plastic dye (if there is any difference based on the color of the plastic, it would be minuscule to the point of not mattering) is irrelevant.

Makes no sense to me, they use the same microswitch and I have many different colors and all feel the exact same.

I dunno. I never claimed that it was possible or did matter, I instead asked for feedback regarding some things I had read. I am about to order 12 sanwas tonight so figured I would run it by u guys, and since its kinda cray maybe you’d get a laugh at it.

The rumor got me wondering if maybe Sanwa made a defective switch revision that was only released in a few colors before being fixed or some strange thing.

This seems plausible.

OP is suffering from mechanical-keyboard syndrome

Dafuq is this thread?

I didn’t win EVO because my buttons were the wrong colour…

You all better get used to hearing that now.

heaven forbid an outdoor venue …smh

It’s true guys. Some colors are like the difference between walking…

wait for it

and flying.

So… this is an interesting thought to me. Could different colors mean different engagement? Yes, if they were painted and there were multiple layers. Interior Paint is 4-5mil when applied, spray paint is about half. But, lets get back to reality, these are injection molded plastic and the plastic is tinted before its put into the mold. So physically, there is no possible way that buttons color would affect the mechanics. HOWEVER! There could be a molding dork up that only affected some specific colors making plungers too big or too small affecting throw, but as the previous poster said… this would be a huge mess up if it happened and it went unaddressed.

Sanwa actually grades their switches during testing and sorts them by button color, so different colored switches do have better or worse inherent performance. This is why I always recommend a full swapout of licensed 360 sticks’ buttons for input consistency.

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Absolutely implausible with exactly the reasons Jasen already said.

I’ve seen/played on too many cabs wih mismatched colors to believe this. Too many people trying to find insipid things to bitch about as an excuse for not locking things down on execution.

Throw away your maxi pads and practice.

Can we just lock this thread and pretend this conversation never happened?

And everyone knows that Octarine Seimitsu screw-ins are the best color buttons.
Rumor is that Sanwa is researching the negative of octarine as a better performing button.