Is the Real Arcade Pro Stick for Xbox better than PS3 HRAP?

I was looking on youtube and I mostly see reviews on the HRAP EX (xbox 360 version) instead of the one for the Ps3.

Did some googling and I mostly saw results for the HRAP EX.

Why is it more popular than the HRAP 3?

more people have 360’s than Ps3?

just a guess

First off, HRAP EX and HRAP3 are pretty much the exact same thing, but one is for PS3 with turbos and d-pad/analog settings, and one is for 360 with headset port. Other than those unique setups, the buttons, sticks, case and arrangement are identical. I have 2 of each as I have both systems so I can attest to that.

The 360 tends to be a bit more talked about because people have been waiting for a good quality 360 joystick. Because of the security of 360 peripherals, you pretty much had to padhack and create a custom stick for the 360. The EX2 didn’t cut it for a lot of people.

PS3 sticks have been easier to come by, and the HRAP3 came before 360 so all the talk was probably already made. Not to mention there’s the PS2 HRAP2 version which could be adapted to play on the PS3 also.

At least that is to my understanding based on many threads I’ve read on sticks.

Ahh I see. I am new to all of this and wouldn’t have known otherwise. Thanks! all makes sense now.

I purchased a HRAP EX mainly because of xbox lives interface correlating to sf4. PS3’s online interface is weak.

HRAP EX’s lever is soldered to the PCB unlike the HRAP3, which uses a 5-pin connector.