Is spamming sonic booms acceptable etiquette?

4/5 guiles i run into will sit back and spam sonic booms.

it’s annoying as fuck, but i wonder to a certain extent if that’s just part of his game. thought you guys would be able to give me some insight on this.

Ummm… it’s one of his main tools. Of course it’s to be spammed since it’s one of the strongest zoning special abilities in the game.

This is absolutely not acceptable. Guile should spam Flash Kick instead.

On the contrary my good fellow, I look at spamming Sonic Boom as a compliment. If I thought you really sucked, I would try to rush you down and jump in for big easy damage. The fact that i’m sitting in the corner and zoning you shows that I take you at least somewhat seriously.

most of the guiles i ran into last night would throw a sonic boom, try an air throw, or if i neutralized the sonic boom some how, they’d just stay on the opposite side of the screen and throw another sonic boom. rinse and repeat.

i can get down with this.

My brother is a really good Guile player…

He for some reason doesn’t spam Sonic Booms, he’s on offense most of the time, he always does a different move every time, and he beats A rank players. So I guess it’s a bad thing like hadoken spamming.
He plays fair, he actually lets the other player have a chance in the corner and backs up when they’re knocked down after he’s done like a 6 hit combo on them.

I would guess try to mix it up like my brother, try different ways, because maybe the other player is expecting you to spam once he sees you pick Guile, maybe throw him off guard by being up close to him, doing combos, only time my brother uses Sonic Booms is when the other guy backs up to get away and my brother closes in with the projectile. Or during a combo.

Stop jumping in when it’s not safe then.

Online warriors, SO NOBLE, SO BRAVE.

Really? Are we in high school? Is the sarcasm necessary?

i don’t care about the air throw, i’m just saying they’ll throw a sonic boom and get in for one hit and then back up and throw another sonic boom.

what i’ve resorted to doing now is just neutral jumping over the sonic booms, but they’ll still not come at me.


Why should they risk rushing you down if using Sonic Boom over and over works?

I guess you just need to stay close, don’t let them back up. Maybe a teleport character. Like Dhalsim or Bison.

Guile’s Sonic Boom zoning is the strongest aspect of his game. To ask him to ditch this is, well, preposterous!

Who do you use, anyway?

crosses fingers for Ryu

Oh shit I didn’t see that one coming, god these trolls are getting better.

Kinda. There’s no “playing fair” in SSF4. If you play a rushdown character and you DON’T RTSD then you’re an idiot plain and simple. I’d imagine he doesn’t rush with Guile on the opp’s wakeup because that’s his best option, not because he’s trying to play fair.

Zoning characters generally don’t rush down very often unless they have to. If they have a life lead, they don’t have to.

If he’s sitting in the corner with the life lead and zoning you out with sonic booms, it’s your job to get to him. Sounds pretty obvious to me really. A match doesn’t need to end before the clock, overall good Guile players have learned to be very patient and let the clock work on their side.

If you think that sitting there and sonic booming is “cheap and easy” (not saying you are, but a lot of scrubs think like that), try to do nothing in key situations instead. It’s a lot harder than you think, to resist the urge to press buttons in situations where your opponent is baiting you. Or even just the obvious jump in. Takes nerves of steel to get there.

As most players knows, there’s no such thing as etiquette in a fighting game really. Well, other than using deodorant when playing in arcades really.

Good players who know their match ups will use this to chip you down or to keep you occupied and busy (zoned) until other opportunities arise to punish. There’s no reason NOT to use it, that’s all I’m saying.

So deal with it.

What you should do is write a sternly worded letter describing in great detail the perturbation and nonsensical annoyance at the overabundance of swirling energy. This booming of sonics must be stopped! Post haste, good sir. Only the most churlish of troglodytes relies on the cowardice of using his moveset to frustrate and force the other opponent to action. Even an action so base so as only to be called neutral jumping. For shame, Guile players! How dare you zone out the most simple minded of us all.

You should also add as an addendum to the letter a graphic description of your blatant inadequacies concerning getting around these most pesterful of boomings. Perhaps accompany some crayon stylings to further illustrate such an injustice. Perchance your keeper will allow you to draw on the finest of circular papers and utilize the keen edge of a pair of shears designed for infantile safety to create for the Guile player a glue stick collage ripe with the fury of the oppressed.

Or, you know…L2P.

throws stick