Is Rose's longer combos to Super useful?

I was testing the damage of Rose’s combos today when performing her super, and noticed that her longer (significantly harder) links to do do significantly less damage due to the scaling system.

Without the super combo, the longer link does very slightly more damage.

cr.lp > > > spiral = 168 > spiral 160

But together with the Super Combo, the final damage becomes significantly less.

cr.lp > > > spiral > Super = 348 dmg > spiral > Super = **400 **dmg

jump mk, cr lp, cr lk, cr mp, Spiral > super = 356 dmg
jump mk, cr mp, Spiral > super = 410 dmg

So is there any point in doing the harder/longer combo when wanting to do her Super? It seems much better and safer to stick to the simpler and shorter combo…

Also, is cr.lp > > a 1 frame combo? If not, how many frames is it?

The reason for the longer combo is more time to confirm a hit and not waste full meter. The cr. Lk to cr. Mp link is one-frame, two p-link.

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Pretty much this.

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Well, let’s take the jumping combo for example.

jump mk, cr lp, cr lk, cr mp, Spiral > super = 356 dmg
jump mk, cr mp, Spiral > super = 410 dmg

It would be hit confirmed by the time the cr mp hits. Definitely before the Spiral hits, cause by the time it hits, you have already connected 2 hits before it. Both of which are pretty slow.

That is what I was saying. If you can confirm with out the light attacks do it. I know I do. Sometimes, however, you need more time to comfirm and not blow damage.

I always always always confirm.

It builds more meter and stun.

If you have super already, you can always do that, but for the most part, hit-confirming is always a better option, especially that if they block your j. mk, it’s easier to confirm a jab rather than a strong; you have more time to do it usually, when you do either cr. strong or cr. fierce in place of the jab, you’re being preemptive and even if the mk doesn’t hit, you’ll still do it, where you’re pretty much committed to the spiral :/.

Very true. Offline I can confirm fairly well and go to a poke string if blocked or a heavier normal on hit. But with super stocked I like to try hit it with little to no damage scaling. I like having beefier damage whenever possible.

Relevant to the OP’s question it depends on you as a player and the situation.

if you got those reactions or just great at paying attention to when a move hits, cr.strong>drill>super is more than enough. I wouldn’t waste a super after doing one of her silly useless links.

I even question whether it’s worth it to do the cr.strong>drill>super anymore. It takes way too long to build meter as rose now. Unless it’s at the start or end of the round, i wouldn’t waste all my meter. With no Ultra to fall back on, one knockdown good spell doom. Unless you’re sure you can get around those two facts, than i’d rather just end it with a spiral or fireball fadc blah blah blah.

I don’t really use meter with Rose so I generally get meter to waste on super. Not like any of her EX moves really stand out.

EX ST is way more solid now. It is a legitimate AA and I think is another buff that’s going to get overlooked for a LONG time. For techable knockdowns, it’s actually useful now.

Her super is DEFINITELY worth it.


The point of doing longer combos into super is to style on them! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

EX ST is still ass. I’ll take the super damage over EX ST.

EX ST > YANG CAMMY GIEF HAWK and pretty much anyone that depends on a floaty jump to adjust their timing on moves.

Rose has a simple super, but it is still one of the best supers in the game.