Is Razer Atrox good for PC today?

Hi I can get Razer Atrox (this model exactly link here) for 100$. I see a lot of old negative Amazon reviews and I want to ask for current information. Does this stick works good for PC (Windows 10) or not so much? Is there anything I should know about this stick?

Works great on a PC with Windows 10. I play SFV with my Atrox 360 and love it. It’s hit or miss but the USB port can be faulty. Razer opted to go with their own plug. For more info, take a look at the thread dedicated to the Atrox.

Get a Panthera over the Atrox. The latter has some build quality issues that the former fixes, especially concerning the USB port.

Do all buttons work? Many reviews claim that there is something wrong with shoulder buttons on Windows PC.

In country I am right now it’s not available unfortunately.

Just make sure to get the Atrox specifically for Xbox 360, and not for Xbox One. This will save you button mapping headaches with Windows 10.

I’m interested in this as well.

I have the option to get a atrox 360 or an Ultra street fighter 4 TE2 for the 360. I plan to use them both only on PC. If the price is the same which one would you pick?

Can’t speak for the Atrox, but my stock XBox360 TE2 wouldn’t work on PC.

What?! Why??

It should be just a 360 controller in a different case. Why are they doing such weird things?!

Yep but it didn’t. Check that link out for more deets.

P.S. Welcome to SRK Tech Talk :slight_smile:

@Feargus001100, did you try @Falkentyne 's suggestions for manual driver assignment/installation later on in the thread that you linked? I had no problem with my 360 TE and VS. I’m curious to see if manual driver assignment resolves it.

P.S. @SuperSalvo
It’s not just a “360 controller in a different case.” The PCB is a unique design outside the scope of MS’ 360 controller PCB. It only seems the same as the PCBs send signals that are interpreted as the same by the drivers on your PC. The boards couldn’t be more different…

Just to be clear, this was a XBox360 TE2, yes I tried his suggestion, but it was still Booty O’s.

My PC is a Win 8.1 PC (64bit OS/Intel CPU/MSI Mobo), and SE, KE, TE, TE-S, SC, & V.S. XBox360 sticks run just fine on it.

Dang. Sorry it didn’t work out for you. Looks like I dodged a bullet by pulling the wallet-brakes on the TE2 train :wink:


It’ll be worth it when I swap the UFB in it for a Brook PS4 w/Audio board. The XBox360 TE2 is the only variant with the integrated mic jack :open_mouth:

X1 Atrox has issues on PC, I’ve heard the 360 version is better.

Uff… i lived all the time in the thoughts that all the 360 sticks are xbox360 controller in different cases. XD

Thank god you guys teached me other wise. :wink:

So how about the 2 premium PS4 sticks, the Te2+ and the panthera. Can i use them as just plug-in and play like my fightstick pro on the pc? I don’t have any consoles for my fighting games besides my wii u and my switch for smash :P. But i would like a stick with easy inner access like these clam shell sticks. To be honest i like the case style of the razer products more. But i keep reading that these sticks are breaking all the time and than it’s very difficult to change the art in the panthera :/.

@SuperSalvo why not just keep rocking your FS Pro, that’s still a really good stick.

If it’s worn out, just get new bits to refurbish it (spring, actuator, switches, etc.).

@Feargus001100 yeah its been great so far. The problem i have with it, is that its not that easy to change the art and it is annoying to unscrew that many screws to open it for mods.

I would love to have only a case like the atrox one.

Did someone summon me?
You guys were talking about the “Microsoft Xbox controller class” driver issue or something right?
I barely remember even writing that post. I just remember having some problem with it installing the wrong driver (which was my fault) and my Xbox 360 stick not working until I forced it to install the correct driver (which was already on the system).

Any luck?

Oh Wow, LOL.