Is possible to build a keyboard stick like this?

with real keyboard buttons, stick’s pushbuttons are too big for my liking

i would love it…

You could try some of those “gamer” keyboards or whatever that don’t have a full keyboard setup. If you’re looking to build something custom, you could try using these buttons:

i have a normal keyboard and a logitech g15, the gamer keyboard is not the problem, i need something to use for pc and xbox360 and easy to carry…

thanks for the link, but they are too big for me, i would use the keyboard buttons if possible…

I saw somebody at Evo with a keyboard stick, I had to do a double take

You could just take a keyboard, cut off the right half. Open it up and take out the buttons you don’t need. Solder on to the membrane on the contacts. Hack to pcb. and then make an acrylic shell to cover up the unused key holes and house the thing in. Lots of way to tackle this, but it is delicate work. The apple keyboards are flat so they might be the easiest to do this with.

There are the smaller round Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons at 24mm too…

But I think this would be right up your alley… Sanwas square buttons:

I believe akishop and has them, among others. They’re probably hell to mount though, being both sqaure and snap-ins.
I’m surprised no one has used them for a keyboard stick yet (all the keyboard sticks I’ve seen has been using regular round buttons)

Do you have a particular keyboard you like most? If you used a Model M (style) as a donor you could get real buckling springs and it would be easy since each switch is discrete. (Or was on my Model M.) If you’re going to use the membrane switch style out of a modern keyboard it’d be tougher though still feasible. rtdzign’s hack idea is good though I would have a replacement membrane made instead of trying to solder onto the current one. This would be very expensive and take a fair amount of consideration but should yield superior results as well as allow you to eliminate keyboard ghosting.

You are talking about Ryu1999…

I forgot about those Model M keyboards. You can get a broken cheap one off ebay. I saw one for $1. I would be uspet if you broke a perfectly good vintage one. You could remove the buttons you don’t want and then cover up the holes with acrylic. You would still have to have wires coming out and hack it to a pcb in an enclosure. Probably would involve a DB-15 or DB-25 to link it to a project box.

Closet thing I can think of that you may work for you is a DX1 Customizable keyboard

Nope. Pimp Willy is correct. There has been one guy that has been going to EVO with an actual keyboard stick. He took keys of a keyboard and mounted them to a panel. The first time I saw that, I had to look again and give him props. I can’t remember exactly when he started going. It might have been the second Cal Poly EVO.

I’d go with a Ryu1999 style stick but with those Sanwa square buttons.