Is padhacking easy to test w/o console?

First of all me and my joystick maker made up and got back together.

Now I’m wondering how much faith I can I have Stan, or anyone in this situation where the Cthulhu successfully works with a discrete joystick and trying to make other pcbs work with a discrete joystick.

first for example if he doesn’t have any of those systems, assuming he follows directions on shoryuken and other places on the net, can plugging a PCB adapter built by him ruin either the adapter, my joystick, or my system? Or is the worst thing that could happen is it doesn’t run right?

2nd and never got my question answered on the pad hacking forum I asked a specific question someone made funny commentary through their rude to be funny style. When I see my question more clearly it took a few days and no one answered still? Does that mean I got it right?

the basic question is if you solder all the blue points to the connectors and the red point to the ground, is the remaining yellow point a voltage point?

Also people talk about knowing the DB9 pin structure. I assume you don’t have to know about the destination DB9 pin structure you just wire it according to the joystick’s pin structure The source joystick namely my pin structure on my custom a joystick. So if pin 19 on my db37 is voltage then solder my 19 to the yellow point. Is that correct?

So in all these simple pcbs, you just have to know YOUR joystick system, not the target console’s system of pins.