Is online active?

looking to pick this game up, but are ppl playing online? would suck to get it and have no one to play with.

a lot of ppl playing? easy to find games? or take time?

Yes people play online still, a bunch of people really. But if you are just getting started though, be prepare to get bodied., or are the best places to go to learn the game proper.

another question, as it feels redundant to make a new thread about it, i can get the all dlc version at store for 37.47 US Dollar, but can also get the base game for free on psn+ in eu. how good are the DLC chars? worth the price to get the physical copy?

OMG what are you talking about? This game is a keeper. There’s usually tons of players online at any time from novices to loyal gamers and you’ll get challenged to combat fairly quickly. All the four DLC characters are worth downloading. Since its easy to get into, you won’t get destroyed online much unlike other fighting games such as Blazblue, KOF13 or SSIV AE.

Other players won’t kick you out of the lobby or refuse to play with you if you’re terrible like other games because they need the Win/Loss ratio.
That way, you get to fight with experienced players to develop your game.