Is Marvel much more to blame for this game?

Granted that Marvel hasn’t shown a good head in creating games in the later years…

We all know Marvel’s policies banned the much-requested and fan favorite X-Men characters from appearing into the game.

Also, is very likely the license to create a new Marvel game was very expensive.

What if Capcom spent a whole lot of money in getting the license and then they were left with a very limited budget for the game development (which would explain the low quality graphics and recycling of MvC3 assets), because of Marvel’s greed? Worst thing, the game lost appeal because of the veto of characters… and so it seems hard for them to recover from the financial losses of the game.

Lol, I still don’t see this game having low quality graphics… like… idk, the character portraits are bad for the capcom side, but the ingame graphics are great. Arthur looks great and have you seen novas idle animation? Shit is nice.

I would say yes. I think Marvel has the last say

mavel has nothing to do with the quality of the game and how it came out beside of maybe having no xmen at the get go.
capcom is the developer and theire decisions made the game.

blaming marvel is just stupid.
there are so many titles out with chars from the marvel ip…some are bad, some are good.
do you blame/congratulate marvel there too or the devs of the respective games?

Could have had a way better roster and it wouldnt matter much if they look like Dante in this game.
Game is ugly as hell. Animation feel mobile free to play quality. Gameplay is good but at some point you also need bells and whistle in a video game.
Everything feel rushed and unpolished in this game. in comparison umvc3 and even mvc3 felt more worked on and for most of the cast look prettier (even if some of the models are straight out taken from this 2011 game, the right shader matter.). They wanted the game to feel more “cinematic” and less “comic-book” well congrats with the budget they put in, we got the asilyum-grade cgi for a game.

The way it bombed, i wouldnt bank on a 2nd wave of DLC and another entry in the licence until 10+ years.

It’s inconsistent as hell. You’ve got beautiful stuff like ultron and most of the particles, but you’ve also got fugly spencer, Dante, cap, the UI and terrible voice acting all around. Like I can’t play Gamora just because her lines are too distractingly bad. It’s like everything was done with one take.

the gameplay trumps everything bad about this game tbh, but yeah its ugly, select and vs screen need a lot of work, why cant we get some artwork whats with the 3d render crap. oh well

Things That You Can Blame Marvel For:

  • New music direction for the Marvel roster themes.
  • No X-Men.
  • Marvel roster adhering to Marvel Studios movies (tho it must be said they always had final say in the marvel side roster, ever since CotA. The difference is their beef with Fox).
  • Potentially pressing Capcom for a more realistic look which doesn’t jive with the models Capcom tends to make for fighting games.

Things That Make No Sense To Put On Marvel:

  • Anything related to visuals. If Capcom had little money after securing the license that’s not Marvel’s problem.
  • The conspiracy that Marvel wanted Capcom characters to ‘look bad’ in comparison is artistically and ethically ludicrous. I’m not putting Marvel above scummy shit, I just don’t think Marvel knows what a good or bad character model looks like to make that call.
  • Overall game design. Although…

Middle Ground:

  • It may well be that Marvel wanted the Infinity Stones to be prominent in the game. If that’s the case, they may have been the catalyst for the freshest take a Marvel Vs game had in years. Better or worse.

The only in game art that I’ve seen that looks bad is chuns walk animation, that is abysmal… other than that, I don’t see it. Game looks good in motion and I don’t play the UI, I play the game…

The UI and character portraits are the only things I can really see people having a problem with and tbh they have little to do with the game.

Maybe I’m used to it because I’ve played the abortion that was sf5 user interface, idk, but it seems like a small complaint as long as the actual game looks good and to me the game looks great, the stages are awesome for me, the characters in game save for chun, etc etc

This isn’t the first time that capcom has had what people would call inconsistent graphics… mvc2 that much loved game, has some terrible sprite work for some of the cast because some of the sprites were ripped directly from games much older than mvc2

… but it was still a great game.

We don’t know how much Marvel asked to be paid for the license.

Maybe they asked for way too much, and Marvel was left with little money to actually develop the game.

One million dollars.

That’s not Marvel’s problem.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the game a lot but…

Definitely Marvel. Capcom definitely would want mutants included in the roster.

Omg, what happened to Spencer, lol :slight_smile:

On the other hand… Capcom didn’t include Captain Commando.

And for fuck’s sake, everyone’s been asking for Captain Commando, even from before Marvel 3.

Capcom was kind enough to include Strider by UMvC3, but I’m sure Captain Commando would have made more people buy the game. Is Capcom retarded or what?

CC would not have sold more copies c’mon.

He’s a relatively little known hero of a great but near forgotten arcade game who’s sole popularity is something Dante and Dorm can do.

He’s cool but not ‘move copies’ cool like a Dante or X or X-Men characters.

The fact of the matter is Capcom gave no one a legit reason to buy this game with its non-existent marketing. If you expect to sell copies, you gotta make people want it. Between the roster, the artstyle, and the overall presentation, it’s not an impressive game for its asking price. Outside of being quiet for the majority of the game pre-release, they were revealing characters comic covers posted on Twitter. Their wild card, Jedah, happened to be revealed in a fucking exhibition out of nowhere. They put too much emphasis on this underwhelming cinematic story.

You had guys like Max and Tyrant who were putting out daily content to rope in interest of the game while Capcom continued being quiet the entire time. These guys don’t even work for Capcom and they did a much better job at creating awareness for the game than Capcom did. They did everything wrong with MVCI and it’s biting them in the ass. The likelihood is the entire series might get shelved because they’ll assume “fans no longer care”, when it’s more accurate to say “fans decided to stay away because we fucked up tremendously”.

I think the gameplay is some of the best in the Vs series and look forward to the DLC characters, but Capcom and Marvel both shit the bed with this project. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Everything wrong with this game’s presentation can be summed up with that embarrassing blueish/red transition screen after matches. That is alpha build shit and they did not care.

Totally agree, all they need is to load the next screen from the end of the match, there’s no need what so ever for that transition in any capacity.