Is LOZ doing okay?

Hey all, I just wanted to double check and make sure Loz/Deniz is doing okay. I’m used to seeing him post up event info, but the last post I see by him was Saturday.

So just another community member looking out for another community member.

Hope Loz is doing okay!

He appears to be fine, was right there running the tourneys as usual tonight. Guess he’s just been too busy to post as much.

Although, having seen you create this thread, I realized I stupidly forgot to mention that akai had been asking him for info over on VFDC.

So uh, if you see this LOZ, check your gameclucks thread over at VFDC, please. Akai would like to do more to help promote the streams.

he’s good! nobody really uses SRK anymore is all

I use it ;_;

It’s awesome that if I get thrown in a ditch somewhere, SRK will have my back. I mean, I’ll probably be dead, but people will considering looking for me… then go back to browsing the forums, most likely.

I worry a lot about promotion and stepping on other people’s shoes, “overpromoting,” etc. so my posts vary per week. As for this one, I was feeling under the weather, freaked out with Evo/GBZ/SRB being so close, and was sleeping most of the week.

Chanchai and Sorias, I’ll be promoting VF5 more after Evo. I think we’ll also look be looking over our schedule and check over with you guys as to what you’d prefer, although I don’t expect much to change.

I can’t say this about a lot of people Deniz but, I’d go to your funeral.

I had a dream about Deniz that may, or may not make me a homosexual.