Is Kongo > FADC > lp palm worth the meter usage?

I saw Sanford Kelly doing this and have been trying to incorporate it into my game.

Does anyone else use this on a regular basis. It seems like a great way to tac on extra damage if you have the meter. However Kongo already does a lot of damage on it’s own (180 I think) and the palm makes it a total of about 300 dmg.

To me it seems like a great option to have in your arsenal, and it’s quite demoralizing to your opponent when you pull it off. It’s not that difficult either, once you get the hang of the timing.

Only if it can win the match, really need the damage, or if you are near the corner (which can lead to some fun stuff!!)

Other than that, it’s more than likely a waste of meter.

I concur

I use this regularly

Aside from landing a Denjin, is there any other “fun stuff” you are referring too?

300 dmg is worth the meter imho

Here is a thread that touched on it a while back, I think the damage outputs are related to Vanilla but it should point you in the right direction.

I use it the damage is nice plus it really pushes them towards or in the corner. I’ve been trying to work the counter xx ex focus attack xx to shin sho outside of the corner. Its quite possible but the timing on getting the focus attack to connect and remembering to dash and ultra gets me every now and again.

does that work with denjin?

I don’t see why it wouldn’t. The hardest part is getting the ex focus attack to connect the timing is a little tough and I think the focus attack will only connect if the opponent was grounded when the counter hit which makes the Kongo xxfadc to palm almost impoosible to connect outside of corner. I think airborne opponents that get hit with Kongo have a higher arc which makes connecting with the focus attack impossible.

i do it every chance i get. i think its worth it cause it allows you to continue pressuring your opponent while getting them closer to the corner where gouken really shines.

and its one of the better looking fadc combos

> Corner Denjin. Ouch.

Every dmg you can do with gouken is worth, because against a good opponent you have to use those chances to get his Life bar down.

if you get 100 damage out of two bars, you are doing well.
you should always spend two bars for an extra 100.


i use it a good bit. it is a real easy fadc to set up. you have a lot of time to think about it since a jump in kongo response is a nice slow move. not to mention you don’t have to fadc until the kongo hits which gives you some time(unlike dp fadc ultra ) as someone already mentioned you move the opponent closer to the corner, where gouken is at his best. and anytime you fadc someone they stop and think for a bit.