Is jump gigas unsafe?

I used to never be able to do 720’s but now if I jump I can do it flawlessly. So is this unsafe and would i be better off learning dash gigas?

Jump gigas only when They’re stunned or something…

…I think it’s unsafe because You can’t really confirm or anything during you are landing.

uh you’re jumping, of course it’s unsafe. it’s also mad obvious, even shit like jump in whiff s.fierce over their head land gigas isn’t oging to work against most top players. dash gigas is ok, buffered gigas is better, tachi gigas is best. just gotta play your opponent though.

k, how you buffer a gigas?

Whiff something, and buffer it? Lol.
It’s just a normal buffer. Assuming you’re using the 270 method already, there’s no cute trick involved. Just spin the stick faster.

my advice for using tachi or buffer is that you have to be aware that they are expecting 360s anyway to you can’t give them that precendent if you want to have more than a whiffed gigas.
for example with tachi i try to do it sometimes when they jump next to me however if i have been 360ing their jump ins they will jump immediately out and jump back roundhouse to bait it.
nothing is more frustrating then pulling off a tachi gigas and having them jump out :frowning:

definitely, gigas is best used when it’s setup, and the best setups have buffers.

What I try to do is tick into Gigas with lk. That means you have to buffer 1 360 during the lk without accidentally doing meat squasher. I find this pretty hard, but you might be able to do it. After you do the lk and the 360, I think you can partition the 720 so you might be able to walk up a bit, then 360 + p and you should get Gigas. Another good buffer move is mp (slap). The only problem I had with that is because of it’s slowness, I had a hard time being able to get close enough to use as it tick.

If you are gonna jump gigas, make sure people are scared of the Jumping body splash first.

Never seen anyone scared of the body splash…

Yeah, They’ll just block it or parry it.

Then it’s probable that you are throwing it out at the wrong time (on wake up in front of a character with dragon punch) or too often (every time you jump). The solution is to mix up Hugo’s jump in more; however I don’t play enough Hugo to really know what else you would throw in (maybe strong or the regular fierce?). In any case, we’ve already determined that jump in Gigas is a bad idea. Against good player’s you’ll land it once, maybe twice. But after that, they’ll notice when you have full meter. And if you jump around a lot, they’ll just AA you every time.

I guess you could use that to your advantage (bait out AA). I don’t know. At this point I’m just saying whatever comes to mind. I hope that helps.

i love it when people block/parry my splash.

parryed splash = free gigas
blocked splash = game over everytime.

Parried splash is free gigas? Well then I only played scrubby Hugo players

Yes its hard pulling of a gigas breaker (i am not talking about the input). I pay most of the time grablers. And jumping gigas is to predictable unless its a noob. But sometimes it can save you, if u use it with extreme caution. Better stick to other ways. One that has a better succes rate is after a knock down u can use the time while getting up as a buffer and your 720 degree also works great with 360 + lp (more range). A nother good one is BE HIT but it most be a non combo from the opponent (example hurricane kick) use the hit frames espacialy the final hit frames as a buffer for your 720. A nother setup is this: While blocking an attack (make sure he is grounded!) Say for example your opponent attacks you from the air and follows with a ground attack you can use the blocked air attack as a buffer then do a 360 when the opponent lands do a nother 360. In simple words just do 720 degree after u block the air attack. And then u have the dash gigas, here is a link of some one pulling that off consistantly:

A nother setup is overhead then gigas breaker also good for his normal 360, but dont do it to fast otherwise you will whiff it. And then u have a semi combo its not really a combo, more a setup: jumping mk, standing LP (and hold LP very important!) then 720 mp/hp, the standing LP is your buffer for doing your gigas breaker (720). But if they parry the first hit (J.MK) your screwed! But i have to say this setup has a rather high succes rate, even against good players. Because sometimes they are not sure wheter to parry or block, the so called mind games (use it a lot they want to parry? land and do 360 or 720 this is one good use of the jumping gigas but dont over use it!). I pulled it with a satisfying rate! Make sure you dont do it to fast, practise it and you will know the timing and watch them suffer when they want to punish you (normal attacks) after your standing LP. A nother one is effective against shotokan players: after they miss a HP dragon punch and they are in the air, press LP and hold LP as a buffer for your gigas breaker make sure you dont hit them with LP while they are in the air and when they land give em a gigas! Or for this you need a sharp eye and know your distance! while they jump at you attempting to attack you make sure they cant hit you with their air attack (walk back), then press LP again use that as a buffer (the opponent still in air)and when they land perform your gigas, it may take some time to properly do this, but you will get rewarded for it. As for the standing gigas breaker, the real tachi is one without a buffer if i am not mistaken… And its very hard to pull off if you use a pad then dont try! Even with a joystick (wich is less difficult for gigas) its still hard i have seen only 2 players who pulled it off, YSB Hugo and Hayao hugo if i am not mistaken. I found this type of tachi not practical at all unless your YSB or Hayao. And last but not least. The parry and then punish with 360 or gigas breaker, again use the parry as buffer. But still hugo is difficult to play with especialy against top tier players. It takes detication and time to master hugo properly. To know all of his moves is 1 thing to use it in a match with a tactical mind is a nother thing…

Hope this works for you.

Ps English is not my native language sorry…

Perhaps this will shed some light into what i previously said about, when an opponent jumps and wants to attack you, make sure u have the distance that your opponent doesnt hits you then while the oppenent jumps in press LP and hold LP (buffer) then when he lands do your gigas (with MP or HP). Here is a link for better understanding: watch carefully beginning at 01:14/ 01:15 you will see a standing LP and then a Gigas Breaker.

And yes i pulled it off when i am performing it i dont do taichi just buffering with lp. Its not exactly like in the video the video is for better understanding.

any deep jump in parried is a free gigas. an early/headshot can be anti aired before you land.

Well if you are talking about a deep jump in then it’s a different story…2 steps back, cr. mk into whatever…not a good thing to spam.

why do you have to hold down lp?
that vid of ysb is a tachi gigas both earlier and later, but i see your point. its really hard to use a stand lp buffered gigas against a jump in though. hugo has too much range on it.
i think lk might be better for that.
gigas on people’s wakeup is nice especially if they like to wakeup super. i like to lk buffer it.
tachi gigas is totally match practical people should go for it more, and if you fuck it up you get either heavy moonsault or a defensive backwards jump. plus dashing gigas will feel like nothing even if you are just a little too slow to get one off in any given match.

also , jumping gigas will work again long after you abandon it. when you don’t even THINK about using it. neither will they. but one gigas reminds them so don’t think about it. (and when you completely stop thinking about , do it ONCE)