Is it Worth it?

I know that many of the threads on this beginner forum tell me to practice and practice over and over again. But the thing about it is that I wonder if all the training is even worth it? Whenever I see high level play, namely for BlazBlue, I am amazed at the combos that the players can pull off (particularly the Litchi at EVO). Whenever I go into training mode I practice the combos and certain moves to use in combat, but when it comes time to performing them in combat I tend to fail miserably. As it stands I am stuck at the level where I am good enough to crush newbies, but not enough to give higher players a good match. I want to main Litchi because of her insane combos, and because of the way they work, but not being able to pull of anything beyond 10 hits is discouraging. The same goes for Seth, Yang, and some in MvC3.

Its frustrating when you try hard only to find that no matter how much to struggle you will only be able to reach a certain level. So I return to my previous question, is all the training worth it?

Well it makes a lot games like Blazblue fun in my opinion. I remember when I first watch high level smash I used to spend hours in training mode trying to do the shit they do. And after a while I started to develop my own game an dit has been growing since then. I always want to know a few combos before jumping into a character before I start making my own shit up.

Well it’s worth it if you’re going to be playing competitively locally, and hopefully at a major.
If you’re just bodying your friends and folks online, just have fun.

Depends on your goals. Your mind is preventing you from faring well in combat, because you’re always scared about dropping the combo.
You need to play good players [a lot!] to get your ‘stage fright’ taken care of.

Getting to the level of the players who place at EVO takes a lot more time and dedication than you would first believe.
My goal is to have fun, but also understand the game enough to do so. I’m not looking to place at EVO because I’d just get frustrated. Small steps at a time.

The thing about it that I long for playing those high level battles that you see on EVO and such, not for competition just for fun. For me it is a fun match if I play someone of equal or greater skill and am able to hold my own and then some against them. I like those heated battles were both sides are throwing out combos and win by slim margins. I want to have the skill for those kind of matches, but I feel limited in my ability to improve. No matter how much I practice it just never seems to work.

I doubt you’ve reached your peak yet… Just keep practicing. Put the dummy on random block so that you learn how to react, and do something different depending if they’re blocking you or getting hit. Read a lot. Check out the Domination 101 forum…there are a lot of great articles in there written by the OGs about how to train and the mindset you need to win. Their examples are from old games, but are still valid. I also recommend listening to the episodes of Gootecks podcast where he talks to Combofiend. The first one.

Practicing is always worth it if you have a goal. I took a break for fighting games for a couple of years and now I’m playing like a beginner all over again. I’m not too young(26) but I’ve decided that I want to start playing in tournaments in my region and I know that is going to take a lot of practice and getting beat down by superior players on a regular basis until I learn. Seeing the winner of MVC3 at Evo really inspired me to have fun with it. The guy was 30 and having a blast lol. If your goals aren’t to go to a local tournament and own then don’t fret too much about it. If that is your goal…well practice, practice, practice and keep screwing up until those combos come out naturally in a match.

to me fighting games and a side of drawing once a week help me focus better in RL.
i dont think my ADD mind could pay attention long enough to learn stuff in calc if it were not for mvc3 or sf4. sort fo the same thing i guess when you see someone solving a rubrics cube really fast, jsut helps the mind stay sharp!

I never see myself playing a fighter like an esport just due to the whole arcade scene is dead and i don’t really have the time to travel like… i 'm also a lot better than i use to be but i still consider myself a scrub compared to most people B+ or past 9th rank in mvc3 hehe. actually eventually got to be good. :slight_smile:

Experienced players not only know combos well, they’ve gotten better at learning new combos as well. So a combo that might take you a month to learn, Daigo can learn it in an hour. The more you practice, the easier it gets. The better your opponents, the more you realize that execution is essential to winning.

Training is always worth it. Sure fighting a dummy is in no way the same as fighting another player, but you’ll have a much harder time learning those combos vs live opponents because you’ll be severely punished when you drop it. You also get less chance to practice a combo against a live opponent because they’re not just going to let you walk up and hit them until you get it right.

A lot of the reason that people can’t pull them off as well against live opponents is because of the pressure factor - people often don’t play as calmly and relaxed as they should and will react out of fear and often mash the buttons as rapidly as possible instead of with any precision as they desperately try and get out that combo. You should also look at how you can set up the combo properly instead of just solely trying to throw one out.