Is it worth getting an xbox to play ae online?

So right now I’m on the ps3 and I noticed all the streams and good people play on xbox. All the online tourneys and everything tend to be on xbox too and it looks like it has a more active community. For christmas I want to get rid of my ps3 and get a 360, but is it worth it? I worry about the red ring of death and overheating though…

I’ve never once had a problem with my xbox 360 overheating. Going from ps3 to xbox 360 is a good idea. The lag is a lot better on xbox, and everything loads faster.

New models of the 360 are fine, I mean I’m sure they have some percentage of failure as any electronic device does, but it’s not a major issue anymore.

yea i experience no lag while playing ae online , but you will run into some people with crappy laggy connections