Is it time to raise the entry fees for EVO?

I was just made aware of the pots the players got and, to be honest, I wasn’t exactly blown away.

I don’t know how accurate these numbers are but for as huge as EVO is, they seem pretty low. Was the entry fee for each game really $10? For how large this tournament is, that is embarrassing.

Why don’t we raise the stakes to $20-30? For the level of talent that shows up and the prestige of the competition, it should have been bumped up from $10 long ago. What’s the hold up? Is poverty really that entrenched in the FGC? If you’re already going to Vegas, you should be able to spring an extra $10-20 to enter the game(s) of your choice. Yeah, you really start feeling the pinch when you enter multiple games but how many of you do that anyway? Even if it’s a lot, you’d think the possibility of getting a decent cash prize would entice everyone to put more money in to play.

Just a thought. I know EVO staff have talked about it before, but they never raised the cost. Maybe in 2016 we’ll get some entry fees that can at the very least double the size of the prize pools for so many of these games.

Wtf bro. Im sorry Im not feelin that. Why would one want to alienate players based on monetary income. People already sprung lots of money for plane tickets etc. to come to evo from all over the world. To needlessly demand more money for is shortsighted and puts greed from a hobby however intense that hobby may be. If they were noticably having monetary issues and needed to raise it to continue funding and running the tourney I understand but I didnt get that vibe at all. Prestige had nothing to do with fees and personal greed. Thats how things start to sell out, barriers to entry become way too high and before you know it its a racketeering event and the spirit of grassroots competition is gone. Noone should expect to make a living solely from fighting video game tournaments, I dont care how good one is thats a joke. Simply because you cant count on that money. Most FGC pros have other jobs and interests and games are a source of pride with some extra cash and sponsorships thrown in. Lets not turn evo into a superbowl please.

Lol I’m guessing you’re poverty level.

It’s an extra $10-20 and many of us are adult as fuck now. I’m sure we all make more than $20 an hour so what’s the big deal in raising the pot?

Because you already pay $60-70 just to get in the door?

Mr. Wizard sure as fuck don’t look like he’s poverty level with all the caking he’s doing off of EVO…

Tell Wiz to break off some of that ad sponsor money before you start digging into the pockets of the players who have already invested hundreds in sticks, travel+hotel, and the overpriced food and drinks on the strip.

I think it’s very reasonable to raise it to $20 per game. While this may discourage some pot monsters from entering (it won’t for me), it’s necessary to increase the international talent pool. Folks that fly in from other countries are generally spending at least a couple thousand dollars total to take part in Evo -if they place in the top eight, they should at least earn enough to make that money back! I can imagine it being difficult for international competitors -good ones -to justify the cost versus the potential reward.

And to those of you complaining about the total cost, please consider it this way: even those coming from within the U.S. that are far enough away to need to fly are generally going to spend at least $600 to attend (and that’s minimizing costs like a champ). If the entry fee doubled to $20 from $10, that’s an extra $20 total for someone who enters two games. That increases the total cost from $600 to $620, or a 3.3% increase. That’s an extremely reasonable increase.

LOOOL, so you guys wanna turn this thing in to the WSOP or that

Not sure how I feel about it. It’s more a business than a hobby at this point so I get that. However, why raise prices so high level players are further enticed to show up? They’re already sponsored by various companies who provide them supplemental income…they literally get paid to play these games professionally and travel around the world and make even more money if they win. EVO is one of the big places to keep your name out there, even if they don’t raise prices, people will still show. The average joe enthusiast has to come out of pocket quite a bit just to get to EVO and last a match or two before being eliminated.

I totally agree that top finishers should get more money. But I don’t think it needs to come from an increase in entry fees. The Evo team should be working with sponsors to create more revenue streams for the event, at which point increased winnings would follow. Then, there would be even more entrants, further adding to the winnings pool.

FWIW I feel like most people are fine with paying 20-30 for entry. If anything it’s the registration fees that are off-putting.

Registration fee has always made me balk. They just keep getting higher and higher and it’s getting jarring. I’m thinking about going this year but not sure if I want to because it’s going to be over $100 just to enter Evo. Not the tournaments, just Evo. I understand these places are expensive to rent out but goddamn.

Only a white person would say that. Because growing up. The only person I could name that I knew personally that made 20 or more an hour was my dad. Shit when I land this job in New Mexico I’ll be the third person in my family to make that much. Including extended family.

That’s the thing…ballrooms have gotten bigger, more people are showing up, huge screens and production, but the reg fees are going up. Sponsors should be paying for those things.

This community isn’t even close to the level it needs for more sponsorship money. We’re big but not DOTA big. They can ask for more money. An event that only 100-300K people will see? I’ve spent about $10,000 to advertise in such events and no more.

Seeing as how EVO has huge venues and few products/companies that can be included in what we do, they’re gonna have a tough time finding enough sponsors to cover those costs. Keeping in mind, of course, that a lot of these companies are just small businesses.

Asking poverty ass FGC players who run out of money by the time they get to Vegas to spend more money?

Too many dudes that ask to cover days for rooms. Then ask for Chipotle and other cheap regular spots that they can already eat at home. We not ready for more money.

I make 8.50$ an hour…


You can’t tell the difference between a ticket to entering a venue and the pot that goes to the winners of the tournament?

You’re stupid but not that stupid, surely.

A $10/game entry fee doesn’t reflect the ‘world class’ tournament of Evo and it makes the FGC look like a hobby, rather than a sport.

Sure, increasing the entry fees will become a barrier to entry for certain players, but the upside is the growth of the international community that participates in the event due to the larger purse; the decrease of scrubs; and the consolidation of top players into a singular tournament.

You wouldn’t want to watch me participate in the Tennis US Open, barriers to entry are necessary in elite tournaments. It’s time that Evo looks to mature past its teenage-hobby persona.

Ya’ll want evo and fgc to become esports. but you don’t want to deal with the seating prices that professional sporting events have. Evo is the NBA finals of FGC. In that vain the ticket prices to watch the NBA finals for game 2 is ranging from $449 to over $3000. Those prices are from stubhub, from ticket master range from $325 to $49638 for a luxury suite.

Stanley Cup is ranging from $649 to again over $3000 for a single ticket at stubhub. Similar prices from ticketmaster.

If ya’ll really believe that the fgc should be the next esporting event, then you should prepare for actual sporting event prices.

I’m fine with that but we also aren’t going to get millions of people watching our games. That’s just an unrealistic goal. So, fix the numbers. Paying $100 for a ground-level seat is perfect for now.

FGC is a hobby, not a sport. The problem is how expensive the venue fee is. Its 80 dollars to play SFV. Compared that to mtg where you only pay for the entey fee and that’s 40 bills.