Is it that serious?

Not going to drag this post on by telling you guys a story but I’m basically in the military and will be deploying in October. I have a couple years left before I get out but I really want to become a pro at fighting games especially street fighter. But because I am deploying that means I will only be able to practice in training mode and maybe just maybe a couple online matches who knows. My question is should I keep following my passion even though I will be gone for six months or keep on trucking? I guess I’m worried that if I put in all this time while I’m still here in Japan to get that experience and then just loose it because I can’t play or something…:xeye:

I think people take the idea of being pro far too casually. Like you can study up frame data, watch some YouTube vids, and then be able to hang with the best.

The simple truth is that pros work hard. Really hard. They play every day, they travel to fight against strong opponents, they dedicate themselves. You won?t be able to see that in the YT vid, but its there. And no one should expect to compete on their level unless they match the same level of commitment.

So ask yourself, do you really want to go ?pro?? What do you want to do with the game? Be competitive with your friends? The local arcade? Do you want to win EVO/SBO? Determine the level of commitment you can give to the game, and be satisfied with the results you get from that.


I want to commit to the level that I can compete in EVO/SBO, so what your saying is if I want to get up there I just have to keep on working hard at it right? I try to believe that anything is possible but some stuff can bring me down…I know I still have a long road ahead of me but everyone had to start somewhere.