Is it possible???

Hows it going guys?
I have a Xbox360 and love SF2, but don’t like the controller with it. What I want to do, if its even possible is to build a arcade joystick that has a two player setup for SF2. Imagine something like this

That has video and audio output to a TV. Basically like those plug and plays.
Do you guys think its possible?


it would take a pretty big box to fit a console

maybe if you put a ps2 slim
but it would still need a power outlet

this would be a pretty interesting project

but why would you need for it to be plug n play

do you travel alot or what

and please no x arcades

LOL. I just threw up the Xarcade because the picture was handy. I don’t travel alot I just know that there are plug and plays out there and have seen the SF2 plug and play with the two controllers.

I have a buddy at work that used to test for Sony and said while he worked there they used to have these tournaments with a arcade stick like I decribed. I thought it was a good idea so I wanted one.

no its not

To each his own.

You’re basically talking about housing a PCB, a SuperGun, a power supply and all the cords inside the housing for the arcade sticks. That’s a lot of crap to have inside a box. It’s possible, yeah. But with how much you’d be sticking inside the box for the sticks, it’s not going to be very space effecient at all.

However, if you are going to do something like this with say the Genesis version of the game (as opposed to the arcade game), you can definitely rip apart a Genesis board, install it into the arcade stick housing, and probably have everything hooked up to the TV with very little trouble.

It just all depends on if you want the true arcade experience or if you would settle for the home ports of the games.

Could also be done with a mini-itx comp with a laptop style power supply inside the box for a 2 player arcade setup, but then you’ve got the legal issues of using ROMs.

RYANDG- You are totally right and I have thought about it.
I did think about the genesis plug and play mod too, but was wondering how original the game would be too.

GosBroDansFan- I was thinking about that also, I could do it, but dont know how reliable it would be.
Back in the days when I player roms on my computer the didn’t seem stable. I thought I read an article not to long ago stating it was legal to use roms now?

i think cygarbob made something like that, search for his thread:wink:

nothing comes up when I search his name.

you’re talking about those cheap emulators they have one for mortal kombat

roms are not legal, but they’re very stable and they’re are minor differences from a rom to the arcade version but its damn close