Is it possible to separate the threads into pages?

With the move over to discourse, I was wondering if it was at all possible to make it so each thread could be divided into pages with like 25-50 posts per page like the old site? And if so, would the admins be willing to change it to that?
Imo that was part of the appeal of having forums as it’s easier to keep track of certain topics/conversations/information that way.


Yeah this is a biggy really. Otherwise this is just Discord but not in real time.


On SRK the “final” settings were 40 comments/posts per page in a thread. 25 is too brief for the sometimes fast moving community, and 50 seemed a little excessive sometimes when people are posting walls of text / analysis / images / etc. Soooo 40-50 posts per page is a wonderful idea that I am fully behind.



Anything coming from this? The forums are almost unusable for long threads right now. That and not being able to see the contents of a post you are replying to by default like usual is really lame.

This was answered elsewhere, but I see it wasn’t answered here.

No, this is not possible.

Damn :frowning:

Damn, that sucks. Thanks for answering though.