Is it possible to make a "project box" with a datel arcade pro?

I am checking to see if anyone has made any kind of “pass-through” using this “ps3/pc/360” board.

I am wondering if I were to cut a male to female usb cable and solder the corresponding wires to the proper spots on the datel pcb, if I would be able to use the female end of the usb cable to plug 360 and standard usb controllers into, and have them work with both system protocols. I have a LOT of 360 controllers and would like to be able to use them all with PS3 as well without needing to buy a datel and solder it to each one.

So is this possible?

I am not sure you understand how a “Project Box” stick works. Well in the traditional sense.

The lost art of project box sticks - Blogs - Shoryuken

So, you’re meaning, make a project box to be used as a passthrough for 360 converters that require it? In theory, it would work. But you have 360 controllers, why would you want to use a datel for a passthrough? And why make it into only a project box when you can have it in a perfectly working stick?

And converting 360>anything would probably be pretty laggy. Good converters are designed usually moving from like PS2>PS3, but not the other way.

But I don’t exactly understand what you’re trying to do. After all, “Project boxes” are for project box sticks.

EDIT: I see rt posted more about project box sticks.

If you have 360 controllers, just dual mod them.

Yes, I do understand what a project box is.
The main thing is to be able to use my 360 sticks and fightpad on a ps3.

If this will definitely add a bunch of lag I obviously wouldn’t want to do it. With both PS3 and 360 using USB2 protocols I thought that any lag would be minimal. I also plan on using gold male to female usb2 for it.

Last but not least, I am very likely to use a working fightstick as the “project box” so to speak, and just have a female port on it’s housing (ala the daisy chaining 3DO controllers of yester-year) I understand if I did it that way, I will probably need a on/off switch for the controller or passthrough modes. I really didn’t want to get this mixed up into the discussion though.

I also do NOT want to try to dual-mod my fightpad, or my usb saturn controller. The usb saturn controller would be the only thing going from standard usb to 360, if I were to do this project. Everything else would be going the other way. This would also allow my friends to use their homemade 360 sticks on PS3 or vise versa without dual modding them.
I mainly just want to know if it is possible to use the Datel arcade pro PCB in this way. I have 3 completely different 360 fightsticks, that all have their best uses, and would like to be able to use them with PS3 as well… preferably without dual modding them each individually.

Sorry if this is a bit hard to understand, but it really doesn’t seem like anyone has ever done something like it before (maybe because it couldn’t work.)

You’re still going to have to mod the pads/sticks with a DB15 connector (and in turn taking the PCBs of those things out).

That’s pretty much exactly what I was afraid of! Oh well…