Is it possible to fit a sanwa joystick in this stick?

It’s a really tiny stick that my brother bought a long time ago.

It’s a hori compact joystick and I might sell it because I have 2. How much is this stick worth?

my god thats tiny :looney::looney:

Where’s there a will theres a way. I would say just hard mod it and drill mounting holes in the plastic and just top mount it. You might need to install spacers on the plate on the bottom if there isn’t enough room for the joystick to move around.

whoa that be kinda fun to try lol. Id try it, how deep is the case itself?

It’s about 2 cm tall.

:looney::looney::looney: thats madness


sorry lol i couldn’t resist

2cm… i dont think a JLF would fit then since they are 34 mm deep, are there any smaller sticks? i heard LS-33 are pretty compact but dont know the measurements.