Is it possible to convert a Virtua Fighter 2 cab (Model 2) to JAMMA?

I’m pretty new at this, so excuse me if I’m missing something obvious.

I’m being offered a VF2 cab for about a $100. Is it possible to install a JAMMA+ setup in there to run a CPSII game? Do I need to buy some sort of adaptor or what do I have to do wiring-wise exactly? I’m willing to drill holes for the extra buttons and all that. Thanks.

I’m in exactly the same situation… any help?

Yes. Its Possible.

If the VF2 cab lacks it, you need a Jamma Harness and a CPS2 Kick harness.
Rest is taking the time to connect the various wiring.

You may or may not have to change out the Power Supply, depending on the demands of your particular arcade board.

Drilling Holes? Well that depends on what style cabinet you have and whats the construction.

Darksakul you forgot:

Also Jamma and Arcade Wiring Thread, Cabs, Super Guns, Consolization ect

Apparently Sega Model 2 is not JAMMA, and runs a different video signal, so you should double check that the monitor will handle 15Khz (it’s relatively likely that it will.)

Good Point, Sega Model 2 games are medium resolution, there cabs are just medium res, Dual-resolution or Tri-resolution monitors.

Still I would doubel check the monitor and Power supply and see if they are compatible, the rest of the wiring would have to get gutted and redone to be in Jamma specs.