Is it normal to try this hard?

I had been trying to do the challenges in Street Fighter V. For Ryu I can do the first 6 with no problems. Then the 7 I did it once by luck, and anything above that I haven’t been able to do at all.

However I also want to learn how to play with Karin, and the first one took me like 5 minutes, but then the second challenge which looks very simple:

  • Jumping Hard Kick
  • Standing Hard Punch

I had been trying it for over 2 hours and I still can’t do it. I tried breaking it into parts, playing the demonstration, repeating the KANZUKI multiple times by itself, then with the OROCHI, and of course all together, but I just can’t do it so far.

I thought that maybe after 2 hours I could at least do it once, but not even once. I’m using a PlayTech modded with Sanwa Denshi parts, it feels responsive to me. There was a point when I thought maybe something is wrong with my arcade stick, but when I also tried multiple times to do it with the DualShock 4 I could not do it either, not even once.

I know this is not supposed to be that complicated and when I see people on YouTube doing it, they always get it right. I’m worried because if I can’t even do this move how can I ever make the harder moves?

Of course I’m going to keep on trying, but I don’t know how normal this is? I had been playing fighting games casually for 2 decades, so this is really worrying me. How hard can it be? It doesn’t even look that hard, but I can’t make it happen, not even once.

Have anyone experienced this? How did you overcome this problem?

My first 6 months of SFIV consisted of jumping in, hoping the attack hit and then doing Medium into Special. If they blocked the jump in I did the moves anyway. I didn’t know about links and probably wouldn’t have been able to do them and Ultra was exclusively for waking up, obviously.

At then end of SFIV’s lifetime I managed to beat 90% of the challenges of that game and those were way harder than anything SFV could ever hope to have. So yes, it’s normal to be bad in the beginning and get better. People don’t make a big deal of SFV trials because they’re pretty easy for someone who’s been playing SF seriously for a while, but I’v read from a bunch of newcomers that they’re having trouble. So at least you’re not alone.

Edit: Karin’s trials are, relatively speaking, some of the harder ones. Try Laura’s stuff. If you can’t beat those you need to focus an some basic excecution because Street Fighter combos don’t get much easier than Laura’s trials.

Depends on your execution skills. Mine are terrible. I literally can’t play Necalli because when I try to input DP quickly I get command grab instead.

Then again, execution isn’t everything. I remember hearing an urban legend that Seth Killian couldn’t reliably get a DP from a specific direction.

Can you do s. fp xx qcf+k? If so, once you see her dash, press d+p. That’s it. Doesn’t need to be done fast.

I do the 4 steps. The first 3 it counts them well, it marks them blue too, but then it does not count the Orochi, it doesn’t go blue, it just stays white and Ryu blocks it. But I do the 4 moves. I mean after 4 ours trying I can at least do that.

That is going at a normal speed, if I go faster I still do all 4 steps but it does not count the standing hard punch and Ryu just blocks the rest of the moves.

I haven’t tried with Laura, I’m just focusing on Karin and Ryu for now since those I like a lot. I’m not very into any of the new characters. I only like Necalli out of all of them, but I will still enjoy playing with all of them.

I mean the game is obviously good, I like how it looks like the Alpha games that were my favorite in the series, and maybe that’s why I’m liking this more than IV, but the fact that I can’t do basic links successfully and consistently worries me a big deal.

Practice execution. Its boring. Its repetitive but its essential to have muscle memory kick in so you can do things without thinking. The biggest thing to remember is that street fighter is a rhythm game. Once you have the pattern down its like playing drums to a beat. I was able to do karins move. also her combo is deceptive, i think i know why you cant do the 4th part. Try pretending the 3rd part doesnt exist and only do the 4th part, and be sure to show commands not moves. You will instantly see what youre doing wrong.

Those threads remind me that I thought it would be a great addition if Capcom would display the input data during the demonstration. That could give hints on how to time certain inputs. Would have appreciated that on the last Ryu challenge, where you have to walk forward a bit after the v trigger to connect the next hit. Took me a while before I realized that.

Karin is, as mentioned before, kind of execution heavy compared to the rest of the cast. But there can be certain combos across the cast that are causing frustration, even though you have no problems with execution overall. So no, you shouldn’t be worried about your progress. Maybe just skip this challenge (or move to another character) for a while.

EDIT: One more thing! Switch to commands instead of names and try to memorize what you’re supposed to do. A friend of mine had his eyes constantly on the command list and was trying to get the commands blue instead of focusing on actually executing the combo. Once he was able to look at his character and concentrate on the combo, he finished most challenges with a minimum of tries. Don’t fall for that trap!

I had been tying for another hour today, and I’m following your advice of putting the commands instead of the names.

In the commands it says that I have to do dqf + k as step 3. Then dqf + k > Down Punch as 4.

So basically do I have to do dqf + k twice?

If that’s the case maybe that’s the problem because I had been skipping step 3 altogether. I thought dqf + K was step 3, and that Down Punch was step 4.

In the demonstration it also looks like they skip step 3 altogether and go straight to step 4. I honestly don’t think is humanly possible to do dqf + k twice in a row as fast as it looks on the demonstration.

The game even froze just right now on me maybe for trying to do the same thing so many times.


The problem was that jumping from Step 2 to Step 4 had to be done super fast, and I was doing it with the same speed of going from Step 1 to Step 2. By the way I was doing right by skipping step 3 altogether.

Now to the next move. My guess is that the pros memorize all of these link combos and know how to do them consistently on the fly.

You were right the first time, the combo is j.HK, s.HP, qcf+K~d.P. You have to do the d.P fairly quickly after the qcf+K. If its getting blocked then that means you are doing it too slow. Just do the d.P progressively faster each time.

You probably could just hold down, then mash P after the qcf+K and you would get it, but that might be teaching bad habits.

Another trick is to do qcf, then hold down then press K then P straight after. So the commands look like: :d: :df: :f: :d: :lk: :lp:

Just remember to not press the LK and LP at the same time, do the LP a little after you do the LK.

The command display for those moves just shows how dumb the UI Designers are. Really dunno why they decided to display those as two seperate moves, to show different enders.