Is it just me...or is the execution...demanding?

I recently just started playing KofXIII and running through mission mode has been…an eye opening experience to say the least. It seems that every character has missions that just don’t seem practical to execute in play and impossible to get off.

Anything with Double half circles is a no go in combo, and i’m on a fight pad…

Any suggestions? other than practice>

KOF Wiki here on SRK.

Only a fraction of the trials are combos you would really use in a match. A lot of them are just to show you what is possible or are just meant to be as challenging as possible. Going through them, you might learn some new things about the characters, improve your execution, or figure out tricks (e.g. input shortcuts) to make certain things easier. However, when it comes to actually playing matches, you can do well with much easier combos.

My only advice is to keep relaxed all the time and your imputs will be better, you can’t mash anything and this was my first issue, i found these trials very difficult but at the same time very rewarding, you can learn a lot of bnb combinations from these, the entire combos in those trials are not very practical in some real matches but some fractions in those combos are the real deal.

If you come from a 2002 or 98 background the execution requirements shouldn’t be too demanding but for new players I’m not sure. But yes, calm down and don’t try to mash things out. Although it’s not 100% up to date, check out the SRK wiki for some combos you can be working on. A lot of the trial mode combos are impractical, but you can take what you learn from them in terms of setting up HD combos and try to create simplified, more practical versions.

I find mid level bnbs in kof13 harder than the most advanced combos in sf4.

i was hoping to be able to mash combos :frowning:

i really suck at this game haha

If something gets hard, just take a break and come back to it later.

Like today, I was trying to get Iori’s HD mode QCB+A/QCB+B loop down, and after 30 minutes, I just took a break and started playing Maxima.

This is how execution standards used to be PRE-SF4.

Yall just spoiled.

Try doing 214C xx 214B

I’m playing with a PS3 controller, and I kid you not, JUMPING in any direction and executing any special or super move is hard. I tried out the analog sticks on the PS3 controller and there was no problems with jumping like that, however using the directional pad, even jumping becomes a huge challenge. I then started up SSFIV and tried out the controller, thinking it was the problem of a faulty controller. It wasn’t, everything worked like a charm. I wonder if the KOFXIII team tried to play the game with a regular PS3 controller.

I am sincerely PISSED at this issue and hope there will be a fix coming out soon.

Forgot to mention that jumping forward and backward is extra hard as for some reason, the up-forward respectively up-backward doesn’t seem to register at all times in KOFXIII, however in SSFIV, it sure do work all of the time.

Agreed. I haven’t grabbed KOFXIII yet, but it shouldn’t be THAAAAAAAAT difficult from what I’ve seen.

The only times I have difficulties with ANYTHING, is timing. Once I get timing down, everything falls into set.

The only times I have difficulties with ANYTHING, is timing. Once I get timing down, everything falls into set.

We shall see i though the same and look at me know all mind blowed execution errors everywhere.

But the game enjoying i love a good execution combo challenge :smiley:

You rock, you’re absolutely right.

I just picked up trying the combo today and getting it down pat. Can’t wait to hit my friends with some HD combos now.

I have to somewhat agree, I have a hell of a time trying to hop in XIII, but can hop everytime I try in 98 UM.

I play on PS3 pad and I have no issues with any of the stuff you mentioned…try using another PS3 pad and see if you still have trouble doing things.

I had the same issues, just try to switch pads and everything goes fine, i’ve completed the kyo and terry trials with the directional pad.

I came to this game straight from AH3 and the execution requirements were over my head. But after some time I managed to get my shit down and the only thing I have trouble with is drive canceling DP’s into reverse DP’s and comboing into double half circles. But, it will all be ironed out with practice.

Yeah, those double HCBs are tough and there’s not much leniency as far as hitting the directionals - I’m using a stick but I still find the double HCBs difficult, especially trying to 2-in-1 into it, that’s very hard…

Two things that I’ve found which have helped me a little:

[]Trying to be conscious to make sure I’ve got the stick all the way to the last directional input before pressing the buttons. When doing HCBs, the forward, down and back directions must be hit, therefore, it helps to be mindful to wait until you’re firmly on the last directional before you hit the button(s) to execute the special move. For quarter circles, I find it helpful to make sure I’m hitting the diagonal in the quarter circle motion as the move will not execute without it… You won’t get any QCF or QCB moves to come out if you don’t hit the corresponding diagonals.
]Use the button buffer!!! It really helps you get the fastest possible timing on your specials and this can be so helpful when doing some of the more difficult combos, especially those with tighter timing; unfortunately, the button buffer doesn’t help you with the timing of your normals (like when trying to link normal attacks) as the buffer for normals is only 1 frame. However, when you’re doing specials, you get something like a 13 frame buffer!!! (The buffer for supers is something like 17 frames!) For example, if you’re using quick, consecutive specials to juggle your opponent (inside or outside of the corner), after doing one special, you can perform the motion for the next special and the hold the attack button down. As long as you time it to be within 13 frames of your recovery at the end of the 1st move, the next move will come out at the earliest possible moment. This also helps a ton when drive cancelling because holding the button will ensure the Drive cancel will occur with proper timing as long as you’re within 13 frames of the cancel window. Trust me, this helps a lot.

After hearing all the bitching about strict inputs, I thought it was going to be similar to previous kof. But this is the easiest kof game execution wise.

Everything is laxed and you’re given plenty of time to cancel from normals into supers. These newer fighters made you guys clumsy or something.