Is it just me or is it impossible to mix up in this game?

I use Akuma, and every time I try to do meaty c.lp or, it gets thrown, and throw will just get broken for that reason and UOH and any other overheads don’t do enough damage.

Also Makoto renders footsies useless because her dash is too fast and covers too much ground.

Also, the Sanwa joysticks have way too much throw distance to allow you to parry easily, is hitbox or Seimitsu the best way to play this game correctly?

What are the easiest ways to land big damage combos like in SF2 and 4? xx sa2

and here we go with the scrub posts

Either a scrub post or a troll post. I would try to answer your question, but I don’t know what character you’re using. Isn’t there a thread for this kind of stuff already though?

Ah man, he edited to say he uses Akuma. Oh well. Yah, I’m pretty sure it’s probably a troll post, tho. Hahaha.

why would you meaty cr.lp or it barely has any active frames. if you’re new to the series you should be doing meaty or something that has more active frames.

OMG you’re an idiot. whoever the original poster is…please stop making threads like this…and it begins.

the best mix-up is to stand out of throw range and block

3S is pretty much nothing but mix ups…

OK, I’m’ going to bite b/c the first respondents took enough shots at the original post.

I’m a Gouki player, too. I know that the only way for me to win is a decent mix-up. From what I’ve read, “I try to do meaty c.lp or,” your only experience with meaty hits is SFIV. In SFIV, every character moves at the pace of a snail “shaking hands” with slug. That’s why you can meaty jabs & shorts. In 3S, you need to meaty with something that hits for a longer duration. In short, you’re using knowledge from polo & applying it to F1 racing. Good start, but that’s it. Always bring in what you’ve learned from other games, but be ready to realize what does and doesn’t work. Play around with those tutorials more, and you’ll see that there’s a more strict timing.

Search the GOUKI thread. I even linked it for you.


Gouki’s meaties with normals:
st. mp
st. cl mp
cr. mp
st. fp
st. cl fp
cr. fp
st. mk
st. close mk
cr. mk
st. rh
st. cl rh
cr. rh

you guys take yourselves way too seriously if you didnt realize this dude is trolling the shit out of this thread. he just asked if a hitbox would improve his gameplay.

I read the first line . . . and was like . . . mannnn.