Is it just me or does the AI suck?

When I fight against the highest level AI I see them just throwing out moves at full screen and doing nothing. I swear I at one point had the AI totally owning me and suddenly the game broke or something and now the AI acts like a moron.

Is there some kind of weird thing I need to do to get the AI on my level?

I’m pretty sure the AI difficulty auto-scales to your skill. So if you indeed got owned a lot like you said, the game probably made the AI easier for you.

Can you get past 50 wins on survival? No? Then yea, you better have a glass of cold water before playing then.

I got 57 wins in survival. And they’re not getting any better.

Ah good. Glad to know that the AI does suck pretty bad.

AI is horrible
i’m not that good at fighting games, and im especially not good at TvC. last night i went to 31 wins on survival before giving up from boredom

Are any of you guys playing on the hardest difficulty? If so then you might re right about the AI sucking.

Instead of just beating the low-level AI, you should use it to apply your most advanced combos on an active opponent. That way you’ll have an idea on how to pull those combos off in a real match.


The AI isn’t horrible but to people like you and me who can Cross and Mix the AI’s up they suck…
From a noob’s perspective the AI’s unbeatable…

lol @ people playing AI in a versus fighting game

Well Tech if you can’t play anyone locally and god knows online is shit. Then have no choose to play the AI so that’s a dumb thing for you say lol. I play the AI to test new stuff then later on will try to use the same trick at a tourney or casual match.

Playing the AI in most fighting games is the worst thing you can do, sorry to say. It can develop a lot of bad habits with human opponents.

I understand probably better than anyone here about not having a scene. However, given the choice to play AI or do nothing, I’d choose the latter. Sorry, I really consider it that bad. It’d be different if the AI were like VF4/5 quest mode or F:UC Hard mode but its not.

If I had no-one to play, I’d just stick to training mode and reading up on information.

oh well I guess. I mean you can practice all day learn some sick combos but your not going to learn any fundamental that way.

That would actually matter if TvC were my first fighting game. And even I did, I’d play another fighter to learn those things.