Is Iroi's reverse throw move illegal to do everytime

U know where the motion is half circle back and forward and punch, then you press HP and then you keep doing that same 2 bits of crap over and over again

if ure asking if Iori is able re-command grab right after the throw infinetely then no, this isnt ggxx.

If not, then I have no idea what u mean by illegal…

if you do HP then re-command grab and then HP and then re-command grab and keep doing it till you kill the guy and obviously they can’t do anything about it unless you mess up the motion

If you’re playing Stephen Hawking then yeah they can’t do anything about it

gotdamn ownage. pure couch hatred

I was expecting a Terry Shiavo crack, but Hawking will do.

Please tell me that you’re trying this in A groove!!!


don’t post anything about any character unless it’s been tested

note to original poster, your opponent can JUMP

The guy who keeps doing that throw to you can INDEED be arrested for that illegal tactic, just call 911 next time it happens

It’s a misdemeanor, cops won’t do shit. Probably just tell the guy to stop beasting and be on their way.

The scum gale move

WTF man? The answer is: NO!

Ohhh… It took me a week to figure out what this person was asking, but I think he means to ask if it’s against tourney rules to keep doing the Iori command grab over and over on the opponent in order to win by time out.

Yes, this tactic is illegal and a lame way to win, so don’t do it.

what about scum gale, HP, scum gale, HP as I swear you are caught in that infinite and can kill someone this way.
Is that also illegal ?

Akuma is banned…
Scum gale infinite and variations thereof are banned…
The geese infinite is banned…
asking if the infinites are banned will get you banned…

Whats the geese infin as I have never heard of that ?

abhi: You need to test stuff out before you bring it up. Just go into training mode and try to do s.HP xx Scum Gale. It does not combo. You can’t combo into throws in CvS2 like you can in KoF. So if you can’t combo s.HP xx Scum Gale, then how the hell are you gonna do a Scum Gale infinite?

The only exception is A-Groove Custom Combos, but your meter runs out so it’s not an infinite. Plus it does crap damage because even if you get it to work, you’re increasing your combo counter with zero-damage command grab hits which makes the damage scaling kick in faster.

Pretty much every post in this thread has been people joking around because you refuse the test basic stuff out on your own. No offense or anything. I’m just trying to make sure you understand.

not only all the stuff maj said is true, but youre also OUT OF RANGE!!

please spend 10 seconds in training mode or youll turn into kcxj.

how to do sakura combo please?!?!

i think i thas myabe do wit reapeted scum glaes*N…maybe you hvae to do…liek…um…7 scum gales ina row befre you cna do a SAKURA combo!!! i gess…its’ like teh xerocrew glich: SAKURA ca nonly do comboes…afteer ac omand throw reaversil
i so smert :clap:

just call 911 ???!! i think this is the best choice! :clap: