...Is Hugo completly free to Rolento's rolling attack?

I just fought the #1 Rolento on XBL(RoyalMist).

I actually beat him in the first round, due to some good reads and a bit of luck.

Second round, he literally just started spamming the roll. I mean just spamming the shit out of it.

and it worked. HOLY FUCK DID IT WORK.

I tried everything. Standing HP, clap, all my crouching normals, EX lariat, everything I could think of.

I could never beat it a single time, and on block he gets far enough away from you, and is fast enough on recovery, that any significant punish is pretty much impossible.

Can it be 360 grabbed, maybe? I’m not sure, but even if so the timing must be very strict, because it’s very fast(especially the EX)

Seriously, if we can’t find a consistent counter to this, Hugo V.S Rolento is going to be an 8/2 matchup based solely on this move.

I was also suffered for that. Thinking if I can jump back and 360 after land

Isn’t it -11? That means, you want to use s.MP.

I tried, but couldn’t never get the hit. he was always just barely out of range.

maybe there is a weird spacing thing to it, idk

I did a little bit in the lab, which I’m going to post in the “Vs Rolento” thread ( http://forums.shoryuken.com/discussion/190689/vs-rolento ) so that it’s all recorded over there. Basically, your best option is to block the roll and just hit him with a cr.lk, you can cancel that into a lp palm for pressure, don’t cancel into lk lariat as it will whiff.

Couldn’t you just splash him?

I tried that too. his low profile during most of the move makes it unviable. you can maybe catch him in startup if he’s close to you, but you’d need to read the roll in advance.

and if you’re that good on timing/reads, it’s better to just nuetral jump them come down with a 360 instead. but again, it’s hard.

s.MP should work, it’s just like a 1 frame punish, I think.

non ex is -8 and ex is -10. try punishing with ex ultra throw (you might have to kara, can’t remember) or c.lk

There’s a certain dbag Rolento player that I vs online who would always spam this. I remember in one of the matches I did meat-squasher as he was rolling at me, and it worked. As Hugo’s meat-squash run collided with the Rolento’s roll, he just picked him up like carried him to the corner like it was no biggy. I don’t think it was even the EX version.

I never tested this in the lab though. Worth a try I guess.

i mean, it seems like quite a few characters are free to rolling attack, lets not try to make this bigger than it actually is

If you have the reactions for it, it is possible to SPD it as well as trade a c.mk at the right range. However, the best pre-emptive answer is neutral jumping. Just empty neutral jump every once and awhile, and if you see him roll, come down and EX SPD when you land. All day.

As for punishes, doing c.lp is pretty easy. Even if you don’t follow it up with anything, getting that c.lp punish still works out in your favor damage wise. Let him roll all day at you really. If you have super stocked, him rolling at you is a death sentence.

Kara EX UT also works

Oh good, so it’s not just me. If you have any kind of lag, Rolento roll is impossible to punish. You might as well let go the controller.

i see crybabys; crybabys everywhere…

im looking at you @‌ ultima

the eaysiest way would be c.lk into clap… deals more chip then the rollatack… so what if he spamms it you winn…

I don’t get the problem here. Went to the training room, set Rolento to roll and jump, and punished all rolls ok, without kara.

You just have to block it standing - the pushback is smaller. Reversal EX Ultra throw works that way or a well timed light 360. Maybe some other stuff, haven’t tested all the moves.