Is a scam?

I was thinking of buying some parts from, but I can’t find any reviews about

The first result on Google for “happmart review” indicates yes for your question.

I ordered some PCBs from them not more than a month ago, excellent service (they made sure to test the PCBs beforehand) though shipping was a bit expensive ($65 by DHL) but very well packaged.

hi, i am Jack,saler of

If you can’t trust us completely, you can choose Paypal as payment method.

Don’t trust those bad words about our company, our bad competitor lied to us!!we have provided products to worldwide clients for many years, we should can get your trust.

If you have any questions about us, please email to us:

Why is this being flagged? I have seen no evidence that this is in any way, a scam. Why is this vendor being flagged and not any other vendor?

I’m wondering the same. The guy did say he works for the company so he’s not trying to hide that . But you know how things are around here.