Is Guile too good?

The people that I play with seem to complain at me for playing Guile and sometimes I actually feel kind of bad.

They say he is cheap and anyone can play him, I don’t win all of the time and I certainly don’t consider myself to be that great. I can hit his FADC ultra probably 6/10 times so I guess that might give you some sort of insight?

I just wanted to know other peoples opinions. They play characters like Decapre, Seth, Rolento and they state that Guile requires no thinking and is too easy.

I don’t want to annoy them but when playing some characters like hugo or decapre you have to play lame-ish cause they just go crazy on your ass. Aside from that I tend to think of myself as more of a knuckledu style where often I like to rush down with Guile because I don’t like zoning with fireballs and anti airs much.

Your opinions?

there’s nothing cheap or brain dead about Guile those players just don’t know the match up

The concept of Guile is simple, but the execution and discipline required to be good with him is far from braindead. Guile has to be creative with his defense the same as other players have to be creative with offense. The only time Guile can be braindead is at noob skill levels. He is a noob-buster for sure. Your friends are just mad they can’t get past your defenses. The real brainless zoners are Sagat and Poison, IMO.

I’m insulted whenever someone acts like guile is a cake walk… It’s just not the case.

Do you mean to play? I think compared to some of the cast, he can be considerably easier to get wins with depending on your opponent.

The amount of people that have walked into 3 F.Fierce’s in a row is incredible haha.