Is GGPO down right now?

Everytime I try to log in, it says “lost connection to GGPO”. The GGPO forums won’t load either. I’m trying to figure out if it’s down, or if it’s a problem on my end. My virus scanner recently found a suspicious file in my Adobe folder that I deleted. Everything seemed fine, but now I’m concerned that Adobe Air might be messed up.

If someone could try to log into GGPO and let me know if they are having the same issue, I’d appreciate that.

Yes, I tried to login yesterday as well.


Yeah. Unable to login as well.

yes, it’s down on my side as well. some friends of mine are reporting the same issues. So I guess it’s global

wish to hear some official word about that :confused:

problem that people don’t move to SuperArc when GGPO is down, either because the site is only in chinese language now or that they can’t figure out how to register…I don’t know the reason. Wish to find some low pings on SuperArc when GGPO is down but only can find chinese dudes there with lots of high ping.

How long has GGPO been down for?

Judging from this thread…a year.

This is very bad. I think they will fix the issue in few days, 1 year is long period

lol it was working perfectly the last 12 months. some few issues last month and since yesterday its down. i think it’s an annual maintenance

I hope so… I miss my ST dosis right no

I Don’t know if this is true or not but I read on here that GGPO is Finished.

What are the alternatives, now that GGPO is done, and Supercade is on the verge of dying as well…? :disappointed:

Oh great, how lucky. I am going to a tourney in a week. Now that ggpo is gone, where do I go to play other players?

so wheres ponder at? i think its only official if we hear what he says. though we heard around that ggpo was on the verge of shutting down which was like more than a year ago…

nvm, its back up.

Its Down again any word on whats going on? GGPO site is up but forums are down.

Nm its back up again

How long will GGPO continue to work like this ? (Working 2 days, and then not working)