Is Firce-GH usefull on the end of the B&B combo instead of EX-GH?

Hi there,

i was just wondering if the Firce-GH is actualy usefull in this combo since it beats out EVERY jumpaway attemp clean with a knockdown - hits standing opponents becouse of the autoblock beak on the part (punishable of cours like every GH but with good damageoutput (140) and it trades with the bad timed but still - reversal - jab SRK

since a Standing Roundhouse does not beat every jumpaway it is maybe a good answer specaly if you can predict a jumpaway or am i wrong?

that counts for all antijumps or am i wrong?

If any GH hits w/o knocking down, it leaves Gief at -5 or worse (Meaning your opponent gets ample time for free punishment). If the FP GH hit them when they’re considered airborne (Thus knocking them down), then that wouldn’t apply. Unless you can consistently get it to connect + get a knockdown, it isn’t worth it.

If you’re trying to stun the opponent, Fierce GH does 200 stun as opposed to EX’s 100.

Neutral Jump Headbutt->Stand MP->Fierce GH does 860 stun and will auto stun akuma and seth.

It only combos from close MP or close MK.

nice one^^thx renegade! if you assume that you do this on wakeup the enemy alread got a bit of stun :wink:

Other uses for Fierce GH are to punish Cammy’s Cannon Spike and Blanka’s UpBall done up close.

It will hit them out of the air and knockdown, all while doing more stun and saving you an EX.