Is Final Fight Revenge Emulated yet?

Either the arcade version or the Saturn version. I haven’t emulated anything in like, two years, so I haven’t kept up.

I know it’s a shitty game, but I’m the biggest FF fanboy, and I’ve wanted to play it forever. Is there any info on this?

Should be able to the Saturn version on emulator, I’m not sure about the arcade version.

I haven’t really fucked with Saturn emulation much. I’ve tried SSF ( but I don’t know if it runs FF Revenge. Satourne is a Saturn and ST-V emu that may be able to run the game. You’re pretty much on your own about this I think, it doesn’t generate much interest.

Its not emulated in MAME and such, though some progress has been made.

You wanna play the Saturn Version anyway. I think the port is damn near 1:1 if not 1:1 exactly. And as far as the emulation via MAME or something I think they’re still working on emulating the board for it.

romulators are bad

but hopefully they romulate neo geo 64 some day

Yeah, as far as know Arcade emulation is a no go for FF Revenge, although other ST-V titles are coming along nicely (pretty much spot on). So maybe FF Revenge is on its way.

I actually wouldn’t recommend the Saturn emulation route unless your PC is pretty powerful. But getting the real game is kinda out of the question too since it is priced so high (why?)…

the game runs perfect in ssf 009 alpha r4
be sure to use this ver only as some of the other versions have a nasty direct input bug.
also make sure you have at least a core 2 duo to run @60fps.
its worth checking just for the supers alone:rofl:
and while your at it do yourself a favour and try some of these old gems=
radiant silvergun
panzer series
guardian heroes
dracula x
twinkle star sprites
dragon force series
dark saviour
burning rangers
legend of oasis
suiko enbu-fuunsaki
princess crown
saturn was always and will always be the shiznit:karate:

STV FFR has some nasty protection, so don’t count on it getting emulated any time soon.

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counterpoint: ninja baseball batman

Any threads/wiki about this game made yet?

[media=youtube]wmUqvCEtdps"]*You’re already dead!:cool:[/I[/media]

Wow, I thought I was the only one that still wanted to see that hardware’s stuff emulated. Heh, I bet I’m the only person that wants to play SS64 1 & 2 though. I still really want to play those despite hearing they are garbage.

Well, I tried to play Buriki One in MAME yesterday. It started, but the textures were real weird and some models too… The graphics were generally broken.

Nothing was wrong with 2 at all.

1 is flawed and somewhat annoying because of the exhaustion system but it is still above-average as well.

I really want those two ported as well.

That was something akin to the sword meter in SS5sp but done a little differently. Didn’t bother me too much though.

Any updates on this? Or hm…good websites with a detailed faq on Saturn emulation?

I’ve emulated Final Fight Revenge on the Saturn emulator SSF 0.11 alpha 5, but it’s a small screen that you must blow up to 2x it’s original size to fit your screen & therefore get’s extremely pixelated. I tried the Mame ver. with ST-V BIOS, & it warns that there are known problems, no sound, & after showing warnings on a few title & boot screens, it just goes blank. You can try to hit F3 or F4 to bring up title screens, but I had no luck in starting it. The Saturn emulation ran smoothly, even though it was slow, but it looked like how Saturn videos on youtube ran, just a bit more pixelated on the emulator. Let me know it u guys figure this out, I can’t. :looney: