Is Chun-Li Still the "Strongest Woman in the World?"

Since she canonically got her ass handed to her by Juri, is she allowed to keep her title now?

Actually, has Chun-Li ever been the “Strongest Woman in the World?” Was their an all-female tournament that she won, or did she just randomly one day declare herself as such?

Is this the stupidest thread ever?

It’s a honest question concerning the legitimacy of Street Fighter’s leading lady’s given title. If in Street Fighter V she still calls herself the “Strongest Woman in the World”, she’s putting on.

Either that or she has amnesia.

Yes, that’s why her bracelets keep getting bigger every game. I think they’re up to about 50 lbs each now.

Storyline-wise, no. Rose and Ingrid can kick her ass easily.

The only one that called Chun Li “The Strongest Woman in the world” is Chun Li.

Its like how John Cena says “you cant see me” even though he is still visible in front of you. Its obvious he can actually be seen, but that’s not the point.

Pointless thread is pointless.