Is cammy a popular character?

Was just wonderin. If someone asked who you main and you said hakan they would be amazed but if u said ryu they would be like oh ya yer just like everyone else. Is a cammy a popular character? Is she played alot? I dont wanna be flamed or anything its just a question

Popular in tournaments or popular on PSN/XBL?

In the past 5 tournaments (locals) I’ve been to I haven’t seen more than 2 or 3 Cammy mainers/alters besides myself.

PSN/XBL it’ll probably depend on the PP level.

She’s so popular that she was badly nerfed.

She’s popular here on the SRK forums…outside of here I’d say she’s about average in popularity. Casual users most likely find her too difficult to use/win with.

Well she WAS popular. In six months or so though, I get to be the only Cammy player in Portland 8)

lol and i in vancouver. west coast!

And me in Ontario… Well except for killacam… I dont think he’d switch

There were like six Cammys in the top 16 of my pool @ Canada Cup. Pretty sure that won’t be the case next time around. :frowning:

She has the “hardest to get used to” special move (tkcs) , she has low health, unsafe specials. Not good normals, so she is hard to use, which is causing her to be unpopular. Also if you are an impatient cammy player, you will like always lose to turtles.

You wish.

double post

I dunno, I heard Cammy was ez like Ryu… Sighs

lol… are you for real or joking?

I?ve been playing since Sept n gone to 1 tourney in Toronto there was 3 or 4 Cammy players out of 70 or so people well see what happens when AE lands lol exodus.

Ok so i won’t be the ONLY one. but i can see quite a few people switching. The more cammy the better though.

Cammy is ez mode

spam hard to punish dive kicks (via spacing) and hit confirm them into knockdowns. If you don’t know what’s going on, DP FADC.

I just gave you guys the Steinmania flowchart. That’s also how to fight most characters.