Is anyone suprised a little bit

Charlie’s hint…The Illuminati is back…
its obviously a hint towards The Illuminati…but dang im hyped

is anyone actually suprised Capcom is actually going to continue the Urien/Gill Illuminati storyline…sf3 wasn’t really a popular game…?

shows that Capcom still cares alot about continuity and the timeline of their games…

i assume SF V will deal with the rise of the illuminati and the fall of shadaloo/s.i.n between SF4 and SF

SF3 wasn’t a really popular game until people started hating SF3 (and by people I mean Viscant and Mr. Wizard). It’s popular in Japan and has hot beds in many other places. SF3 flopped as a result of the death of the arcade era, the over abundance of SF at the time, the dynamic change in play style and an changing trend in American preferences from fighting games and arcadey titles to more fps’s and action/adventure games.

All that said, I’m really just hoping to see Urien and Makoto return. And return to their former 3S glory.

Game speed could use an uptick but methodical buttons seem to be important. Whiffing heavies and forward can now lead to some serious damage. I liked that about 3S and they’re bringing it back…

That said, Urien and Alex are likely the only characters that would be included on an initial release. Dudley may get brought in. The twins will definitely get some iteration.

I’d really like to see Capcom explore a bit more. They’ve got DLC to bring in old characters if they so choose. Be dynamic. Bring in a swath of new characters and promise a few older ones to be included in DLC.

Ono did say that he wanted to have two street fighters. One for mainstream (SFIV) and one for the hardcore fans (SF3 or SF5?).