Is anyone else good with this character yet?

Or is it still just only me?

Guess not

i dont ever post on SRK but i’m pretty good with spidey. i run the spidey/dorm/doom. currently exploring
other team setups too. Back in the day i played viper and dante with him but now im just trying other stuff
since my spider has leveled up quite a bit since back in the day.

well play me at ufgt/ game pazzo

Spidey mirrors don’t necessarily result in the better Spidey player but rather who knows the matchup better. Tournament results/placings make for the better player and character user to some extent, in my opinion.

Spiderman looks solid over all and seems like he could be a problem if played correctly, kind of how people are just now starting to pick up Iron Man.

If your opponent has some matchup experience, you will find it harder and harder to open them up. That and he’s some really bad matchup against strong point picks like Morrigan, Zero, Nova, etc.

I hate going out to pazzo it’s ridiculously far for expensive beer and poorly run tournaments. Come out to ignite where a majority of the good marvel players actually show up.

monday is normally a bad day for me since i work nights. BUT i got a vacation leading up to ufgt9 so ill likely show up monday