Is Alex ruined in S2? Seems like he has a few 8-2 natchups now

Against Urien and Akuma, forget about it. You’re just constantly at negative frames and you can’t hit any button other than jab without getting countered constantly. Why does Alex have worthless frames on his normals and Akuma is +3 on block after 80% of his moves?

You can’t anti air, you just get crossed up for FREE all game.

How do you fight these characters? Is it a legit, 8-2 match up in Akuma and Urien’s favor? Akuma feels like it could be a 9-1 match up.

Haven’t come across that many good Akuma players but Urien? Jesus. Even if I feel my opponent is not as good as me that match up is hard.

Well, the thing with Akuma is, if we land one f.hp -> combo ending with ex chop, we can kill him (especially if he’s out of meter) Urien, I dunno. What was Capcom thinking when they were “balancing” him?

Urien is basically way better Alex with a projectile instead of command grab.

Think about it “unsafe” cr.hp, but he can easily make it safe due to cancelling. Also it’s consistent followup on hit. Safe and long reaching cr. mk that’s now +2 on BLOCK. Pokes that don’t extend the hurtbox way after the hitbox wore off. Safe “elbows” all day erry day. Knee drop is basically a better stampede.

If it wasn’t for me being crap at constantly keeping charge I’d drop Alex for Urien in a heartbeat.

I’m starting to think the “unique character” of Alex is a newbie to the stage that can’t really hang with the big boys yet.

Oh and lest not forget an actual reversal instead of 1 armor starting on frame 3.

Birdie has frame 1 armor because of slow normals, well guess what.

The minute Akuma does his standing knee ( his turn is over.

The minute Akuma jumps and you have meter, make him regret it.

Unless he cancels into fireball in which case you eat CH hado in the face

Also the minute anyone jumps they should eat an AA. You know fully well that’s not how it actually works in the game especially against a character that has 3 different “jumps” in form of attacks that are all cancelled from different things.