Is Akira's Bajiquan accurate?

I was wondering, I read on the on the wiki that Akira’s Baji is not really that accurate. It seems that some people in this forums are into martial arts, does anybody want to share something about this?

looks like a more accurate representation than the bajiquan found in tekken with julia =/

A lot of martial arts in FGs aren’t exactly accurate. lol But IIRC he’s accurate for the most part. Can’t remember what exactly was off. Just take any move that doesn’t look like it would work IRL. lol

lol It’s not bajiquan, it’s Chang-style Martial Arts. =p

silly me!!! IN TEKKEN WE TRUST!!!


Tekken: where gravity works.

:confused:??? Dunno what Tekken YOU’VE been playing. lol

:lol: I didn’t say it worked well…it just works better. If the real world had VF gravity, nobody would ever get hurt in a slip and fall accident…or even from jumping from a building/bridge.

Screw both Tekken and Virtua Fighter…if you want the real deal it’s here at 1:48

Komada Shigeo is the truth.

EVERYTHING from Air Master is the truth.

Ahahaha… that show has some VERY nice fights.

I shouldn’t have even clicked that link… :lame:

Indeed it does.

If you hated that link, you’ll hate this one more:

If I remember from when I rented this game many years ago, Mia (purple girl) has the tetsuzanko…that automatically means she’s in the club, right?

:tup: thank you for showing me yet another awesome martial arts anime. Thank god I found a messageboard page w/ megaupload links for every ep…they wanna be snobs and have an invitation-only basis for the torrents. I hate that elitist shit.

Akira from Virtua Fighter or Akira from Rival Schools?

Yeah, that’s a good point, Akira the biker has some similar looking styles to Akira the…uh, male. Not certain what her style is, though. Something Kung-fu based, I’m sure.

Air Master is broken in its awesomeness. So many great characters, fights, and…“moments”. Arguably the coolest animated female character ever. Glad to find another convert!