Is a man receiving

…anal sex from a woman considered gay? I mean like the woman is fucking the man with a strap-on or her fingers, etc. I had this discussion on another board and I wanted to see what this board thought about it. Most of them thought it wasn’t gay.

I personally think it’s gay as hell. Men shouldn’t do that unless they are gay. If you tell people you like being fucked in the ass they’re going to think you’re gay anyway.

I would agree with them. It’s not.
I mean your anus has a bunch of nerve endings in it so it’s totally natural to receive some pleasure out of it. The difference lies in wether you like that sort of pleasure or not (Granted it’s not for everybody).
Look at how many prostate massagers and buttplugs are on the market. None of them are marketed as Gay toys really. If the person fucking you has tits and a pussy? It ain’t gay. Now if the person pegging you is Burt Reynolds? That’s a whole other thing.
Then again I could still refer you to Dr Drew’s theory of “men who have sex with men but aren’t gay” which is an entirely different issue.

What’s with all the threads that…

… start like this?

Go ahead and try to define a point where the anal sex goes from being ok to being gay. Look around enough and you’ll see that point crossed in heterosexual relationships. :looney:

I was about to say it’d be gay if the woman put on the pants, told you to stop crying and made you his bitch, but then I remembered some straight people like to do that too.

are you trying to legitimize looking at tranny porn?

Yes, getting your anus ploughed is gay. Jesus.

Yes its a little gay IMO. Full gay if you give your girl a blowjob & start licking her dildo like a lollipop afterwards. Then start massaging your face with the dildo while listening to “It’s Raining Men”

No it’s not gay at all. Some people get aroused by being boinked in the ass. I’m sure a heterosexual couple figured that out first before a homosexual couple did.

Only thing that ever makes you ‘gay’ is you preferring guys over girls for sex. Tada!

I think I’d agree with Valaris. But I’d also think this topic really is bound to get a bunch of ignorant reactions in this thread. :bluu:

Exit only. Do not Enter.

This girl I wanted to get together with wanted to put things up my ass but she wouldn’t let me put things up her ass. You know what my answer was to her requests? No.

Its pretty Gay. But at the same time its not technically gay. I mean if you’ve been married for a couple years and are into that type of stuff with your wife more power to you. Just don’t try to explain that ish to anyone. Because thats just something you can’t explain without sounding Gay.

I LOL in someone face if they told me they weren’t gay but like to be plugged in the butt…

Would you have let her if she let you?

Answer this question to determine how gay it is: Would the person wanna get fucked in the ass by a man or a woman?

If you answered man, then there is some homosexual attraction going on. If you answered woman, then the guy just likes having really kinky sex.

You know what the funny thing is though? I’ve talked to tons and tons of women who think that sort of act isn’t gay, especially if they’re the ones who’re giving the pleasure to the man.

It’s extremely difficult for me to let anything enter where only things leave. Yeah, I get that it would be foul of me not to let her “return the favor”.
For me it’s like I would need some serious convincing to let it happen. And maybe some liquor.

I guess she sees it the same way. Doesn’t help that she saw a woman at the hospital who took it in the ass so much that she’s constantly leaking.

Here’s where being white with a small dick comes in useful for once.

A penis in the ass?

How’s that not gay?

Just cuz it’s a fake penis doesn’t mean it’s not totally gay.

If you have to ask this question you might as well start preparing to suck some dicks.

I’ve heard of a finger in your butt and I can’t hate on guys who like that. Ain’t my bag but whatever. But if you bend over and take a phallic object into your asshole you have some deep soul searching to start.

Hell No.

Like DarkPhoenix said, you can’t explain liking this sort of sex without sounding mad gay. That a big part of the reason for my why it just gay period.

And that brings to what kind of women y’all dealing with like this sort of thing?