Is a 40" LCD too big for a vewlix clone?

Has anyone seen or read about a 40" screen in a vewlix clone. I was about to start building mine and was looking at TV’s to start, and after a comment from a mate saying that the 40 might be too big to sit that close to, i just dont know now. Does anyone have any insight ?

Check out B15Designs Vewlix Clone

He is using a 37" and his cab is awesome, basically when working on the structure of the cab. You might want to pull the control panel slightly out in dimension if your worried about being to close.

What plans are you working off? The only one I know is available is Donovan Myers.

I think a 40" is the biggest I would go in a vewlix clone.


I actually used a 32"'in my cabinet. :slight_smile: I find that 32" is perfect for the distance at which one is sitting away from it.

Anything else bigger than that I think will put too much strain on your eyes especially if your sitting that close to it. If you was going to use a 40" you would probably need to sit away twice as much as a normal vewlix. Just my opinion… I’m probably wrong.

I think that it depends on how big the cabinet you’re making is. If its the same size as a vewlix then it may be too big :confused: Most people recommend a 32"

My bad, I thought you were using 37" buddy but come to think of it 32" is really the perfect size.

I dont think I have seen a vewlix with a 40", do it :slight_smile:

I thought 32" was a bit big when i first played it…My eyes wasn’t accustom to it yet…I SAY DO IT, you will have the biggest Vewlix clone out there! Chicks dig it!

If you’re going for a 40 inch monitor in a cab, do a Sega Megalo 410 clone instead. That design allows for more distance between you and the screen (and subsequently wont hurt your eyes as much).

On the physical side, the display area may be too wide for the vewlix clone. My 32" only had about half an inch clearance on both sides. Unless you take off the front sides of the side walls, it should work. The TV would also go past the sides as well.

Edit - For measurement’s sake, a standard 32" tv’s display area width is approximately 28 inches while a 40" is at 35 inches. A Vewlix clone’s displayable area is only 29 inches. I guess you can probably ask for a custom Vewlix clone that will be maybe around 6 inches wider than normal.

well its not exactly a 100% vewlix clone, so i guess i can take some liberties with the measurements. Its just that its going to be a 2 player cab and me and my mates arent the smallest guys, so i wanted there to be enough room for 2 bigger players to sit at it comfortably while having a minimal side border around the display. Even if I have to bring out the controls a bit, that shouldnt matter. I have an idea on what can fill the extra space between the flourescent light and the buttons.

I do have Donovan Myers plans and they are helping me quite a bit. I am also looking at the B15SDM Designs cab (which is gorgeous, well done!) and taking some inspiration from that too. Hopefully it will be a hybrid and something original.

Thanks for the input guys.

quick question b15, do you have both 360 and ps3 running in your vewlix?

I wouldn’t go any bigger than 32". I have a 26" in mine and i love it… Then again I was used to gaming on a 19" Dynamo World Warrior Cab for the longest time…