I am looking for some people who would want to play some 360 games including SF4, ODST, L4D2 or whatever other games I have that I am forgetting. Either online or in person as I am new to the area, so any good places to hang out would also be welcome. Anyways, respond here or on xbox.

For starters, if you REALLY want to get involved with the community there is SHGL’s Wednesday Night Fightnight Sessions, the thread is in this PacSouth Disc. and Matchmaking part of the forum. That’sh where the hardcore competition is, Alex Valle and Shgl run the joint and you’ll often see top players from so cali attending. If that’s too hardcore for you, there is an Arcade called Alex’s Arcade in Santa Ana, not too far from Irvine that has SF4 cabs. It has it’s own thread on this section as well. Thursday night fight nights take place in Huntington(?), which also has a thread. There is also Tuesday and Thursdays fightnights at UCI at the zot zone, which is fairly casual but with some okay competition. The threads for all these casual sessions are located in this pacsouth thread page.

Consider yourself very lucky to be located in a hotspot of the socal sf4 community.

Damn! You said it!