Ironman reference?

I’m not totally sure this belongs here. If not mod can move to appropriate forum. I am looking for some Ironman reference to complete a sculpture. I want to work on a bust, so turn arounds of the waist up would be great. I have a few images from the random sites, but none of the back of the head. BTW, this armor here is what i’m after.
Thanks in advance if you guys can help.

Moving this to Image Mishmash I guess since it’s not directly discussing a comic book at all.

Heres the back of his head…

thanks. guess the back of the head hasnt changed over the years? that looks like an image from an old comic, but it will have to suffice. thanks again.

No prob. I was just looking in Google but I’m sure someone in the Comic Discussion forum would be able to help you out no problem. [But since your thread got moved here, it might be best to PM someone who is a Iron Man fan instead of making another topic.]

i guess what you could do is to look for the iron man movie pictures, since his “new” armor (not the gray one) in the movie looks very similar to his modern armor in the comics. then, look for places where he’s flying and has his back facing the crowd.

it’s just a thought. seemed like a good idea to me.

i have to go to class soon, so i’ll look for pictures later.

There was an old comic made called the Iron Manual which probably has most of you’re after. It’s an older suit incarnation but it still probably has some usable back of the head shots.

thanks guys! I’ll up pics of the sculpt as it moves along.