Iron Patriot Special Quote?

There’s been something I’ve been wondering for the past while. Before Ultimate came out, I remember a Capcom Unity posting when they broke down the costume DLC for UMVC3 and started by going over the DLC costumes from the original game first. In said post they mentioned that there was costume specific quote(s) either from him or other characters regarding the armor (Since it was originally Norman Osborn’s).

I don’t plan on buying the costume DLC because very few of them tickle my fancy, but I’ve noticed there is no actual evidence online now that UMVC3 has been out for some time. Has anybody encountered this or know exactly what was said?

It’s something about the inside still smelling like Norman’s hair gel, if I recall correctly.

That sounds… Really cheezy… Proof? If this is true, how do you activate the quote?

Win a few matches with him. I forget if it’s a text quote or a voice clip :stuck_out_tongue: and yeah, it IS cheesy.



LOL so cheesy, but so great!

I thought the Iron Patriot Costume was the only one with costume specific quotes. I wonder if there’s more…

I can certainly see there being dialogue between regular Spidey and Ben Reilly Spidey. :smiley: