Iron Man Normals

Which of Iron Man’s normals will help me to get in on people. I know the standing medium is pretty good but does anyone have any tips on how to combo off of it. Maybe use of assists?

My team comp right now is Wolverine(barrage), Iron Man(unibeam), Strider(vajra).

I don’t know about what the others here think, but to me Iron Man should only go in with a lockdown assist to keep characters in blockstun long enough to deal with a 50/50. Vajra is better suited for keepaway/zoning which is what I think Iron Man does best. I think Iron Man’s best strength’s are keeping his opponent at a range where his normals beat out other characters as well as where his special moves are safe. I wouldn’t recommend trying to get in unless you add Sentinel or Doom to your team with the appropriate assists.

I like doom I used him before. I mostly used doom with hidden missiles. Would that be appropriate? So no more Strider on this team?

Appreciate all the help.

I’ve been playing this team for about 2 weeks now and I feel theres a definate big hole when using Strider for some reason. Wolv and Iron man do okay. But I just can’t find a good way to implement strider besides just doing the corny ouroboros level 3 x fact gimmick. :frowning: