Iron Man Hates Jean Grey!


Combo performed by DominicanFury.
Recorded by Lonesoldier.

Requirements 2 bars and atleast xfactor level 1 corner only for now.

too bad iron man cant get in on jean grey :frowning: he has a great tridash and dattaboudit

Can she not teleport out of that, or just hold block after turning dark?

auto guard is on.

what gave you this impression? he is one of the most mobile in the game I’ve seen it happen plenty

his hypers make he think twice about playing lame aswell

his wavedash is ass

You do realize this doesn’t work at all and if it did dark Phoenix would not be a problem for any character as any meaty attack would kill her.

She can instantly block here in order to avoid being killed - she’ll take the chip but meh.

“Auto block” is not the same as “All block” - it will only block if you DROP a combo - NOT if you start to hit after a transformation or hyper or even just enough time passes (such is the case with dark Phoenix)

Record p2 holding back or switch to all block after you kill the first Phoenix to see what I mean.

don’t even matter here , you can still get from one.side to the other pretty quick


what gimpyfish said is correct, how ever I’ve had this happen to me a lot , the reason why its works in real matches is just because a lot of phoenix players don’t know that proton cannon is I think the only hyper that dose not get blasted away by her level 5 .
they HAVE to be blocking already or during the flash. trying to move or teleport or xfactor will get them blasted .
it has uses like setting up a chip.situation ,

yea i tested it so i concluded you must chip her out to the fullest after that cuz is the only time you will have before she xfactors.

^Yeah, like mentioned before, DP can block after the transformation. It will force her to eat some chip damage at best.

BTW, maybe I’m mistaken, but are u a UMK3 player as well?

I for one welcome any anti-phoenix tech Iron Man may have. I’m not serious enough to ever face a legit Phoenix in tournament but I’ll add this to my Iron Man Evernote. /thumbsup

TAC into Iron Man air dash up whiff the up tac and mash side tac

If they try to break the first one that whiffs they can’t break the second one.

Hmm I should try that and see which is more consistent. My variation of that is to air dash backwards, TAC down and whiff then mash side TAC

No this tech is still useful, he doesn’t get blown away by phoenix’s transformation and she’s forced to block. What this means is that with x factor and a guard break character, you can guard break phoenix.
Viper/ironman, start of double team super kills phoenix, x factor, focus attack unblockable -> the end.
You can do a similar strategy with firebrand, or using storm instead.

Wouldn’t Jean players have a slight priority to block?

Against Scrubby Phoenix players I just do raw Iron Avenger because they mash c.L like dumbasses.

Anti Phoenix tech brought to you by FuLLBLeeD and sponsored by Mountain Dew.